A Tour of One Gro in Creswell, Oregon

October 05, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

While the Creswell moratorium is in place, the shop sells coffee and sandwiches as well as CBD-only hemp products. By Nate Williams


One Gro Investment group is a new player in the Oregon market and is hoping to break in on a number of different platforms. While new, the company is wasting no time investing an infrastructure and setting up to be a power player in Oregon and beyond.

One Gro holds an impressive variety of ten total OLCC licenses, ranging from outdoor production to home delivery. To add to the impressive nature of One Gro’s maneuvering, they currently have the largest plant count of any OLCC licensee at 52,000 plants.


The group is so confident in its abilities, that one of the two retail locations is located in the small town of Creswell, just outside Eugene, which currently has a ban in place for all types of Cannabis businesses.

The team at One Gro has strategically secured a high traffic location in Creswell with the intent of educating the community enough to vote to lift the ban. 

While the moratorium is still in place, the shop sells coffee and sandwiches as well as CBD-only hemp based products. Creswell residents can learn more about the situation and upcoming vote at


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