AC DC Cartridge Review

September 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Processed by Peak Extracts and grown by East Fork Cultivars


ac-dc-cartridge-score.jpgThis high-CBD ACDC cartridge is some of the tastiest CBD extract I’ve ever tried. The starting material was expertly cultivated under the sun using a state of the art IPM method involving an insectary plant border that gives homes to beneficial insects so they can keep harmful ones at bay. The CO2 is a beautiful amber red color that is transparent when held to light. The pen hardware gives a smooth, heavy rip that is consistent and tasty. The flavor is candied cherry, which I find much more enjoyable than the traditional “medicinal cherry” taste that most CBD strains carry. Effects are relaxing, calming and focusing as there is no psychoactive effect fogging the brain. I would recommend this cartridge to consumers looking for a functional, relaxing high that is great for anytime of day.

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