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April 2014 Micro Strains

April 02, 2014 | BobMontoya

Each month we'll highlight growers crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields

aprilmicrostraininblueberryghost1.jpgWe've come a long way. We have seen strains being developed specifically for a certain function. IE Kush for bowel disorders, Cashy’s Honey for cancer, and Ruby Slippers for PTSD. The list is much longer, too long for this venue. My search this month has turned up a new trend, not surprisingly in Seattle.

Blackrock Slappy is a grower with with a mind for staying ahead of the game. He saw the need for strains that will appeal to the rec users as well as the patients that will eventually be forced into state stores.  His solution: potent 50/50 hybrids. The strains deliver and may be the future of what you will see in 502 stores.

Blueberry Ghost is a strain that can go both ways. A cross of his Ghost and Blueberry it lands at a 45/55 sativa-dominant strain, as close to 50/50 as it can get. It has a sweet aftertaste and motivates the mind enough that the indica side has some effect on body pain. The flower is full and dense with that all too-familiar skunky aroma until it is cured. 

aprilmicrostrainasap5050.jpgASAP is a better half and half strain for the recreational user. Like its name suggests, ASAP blazes into the mind quickly and curbs appetite. You may have to remind yourself to take a break once and a while because this one motivates. The indica side goes unnoticed partly due to the mind being busier than usual. I have used 100 percent sativas and found them a little intense. This strain, bred from AC/DC and landrace El Salvador, has just the right balance and can help you be well. 

Landrace is a term that denotes an heirloom strain. Most strains today have only a trace of their original genetics. Indoor growing or manipulating the growing environment changes the plant as it seeks to adapt. Strains that have been accustomed to constant conditions for thousands of years become very virile, able to overcome temporary adversity.  A bank of heirloom seeds is a precious thing indeed.

One more thing, don’t confuse being “high” with being well, in a patient’s world just being free of an ailment for a bit is a high of its own.  

For more information, search Facebook “Blackrock Slappy”

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