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Behind The Strain: Blue Petrol


Blue Petrol is strong and delicious, rare and in many ways a sleeper of the Sin City Seeds lineup.


BREEDER: Sin City Seeds

GENETICS: Petrol OG ([Sour Diesel x Petrolia Headstash] x [Tahoe OG]x Blue Power ([Sour Dubble x SoCal Master Kush] x [Blueberry x The White])

LINEAGE: One of the earlier releases from the boys in Las Vegas and far and away my favorite flavor I’ve tried from their catalog. The Blue Power male is a truly special plant that continues today to be used over and over again in their breeding projects. Combining this plant with the Petrol OG, a super gassy Sour Kush type of plant provided the typical span of F1 madness for this gardener. While some of the phenos were barely worth the rockwool they were tested with, one special lady made the hunt more than worthwhile.​


I selected a very short and squat, hugely indica-dominant growth pheno. A very strong rooter and extraordinarily hardy and resistant plant under even the most adverse conditions, Blue Petrol is easy to veg. Although her pace of growth is sure to teach you patience, she grows with nearly flawless symmetry usually only found in seed stock. This makes training very easy, and she responds well to it. I have double-topped her and run her into a 45-head scrogged-out monster and run her untopped where she produces a single, spectacular child’s arm decorated at the elbow by a bouquet of evenly spaced, albeit significantly smaller flower sites. Those that take the extra 30 days in veg to allow her root mass and frame to expand will be rewarded in bloom with a surprising stretch positioning each top evenly for swell. Removing her umbrella-sized water leaves early in the flower cycle will allow the additional light to be processed into fuller, denser buds with considerably more trichome coverage. 


Blue Petrol produces large, tightly compacted flowers that are sought after in OG Sour crosses. The bud structure is one of my favorites. She boasts the large nug size commonly seen with Sour Diesel but with the dense, bluntly topped features of Master Kush and Blueberry side of the lineage. Deep dark green leaves combined with huge levels of frost and limited numbers of red hairs give the buds a sparkly slate blue appearance. Truly gassy sour, earth smells translate into sharp pepper and moss dankness on the palate are what kept this plant around for me. All the best parts of the Kush and Sour weigh in at a complex but harmonious proportion that back these stout nuggets up.


A fast translation of her medicinal properties can be expected when ingesting Blue Petrol. An immediate decompression behind the eyes followed by waves of body relaxation akin to many a powerful indica is my first impression. Interestingly enough, where I feel my eyelids getting heavy and would otherwise expect thoughts of relaxation to follow, instead, a bright and creative mood sets in, perfect for meditative activities and creation.

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