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Behind the Strain: Dawg Walker


Also known as Oregon OG.


BREEDER: THC Development

GENETICS: Ewok x Lemon Alien Dawg​

LINEAGE: Combining the huge yield and solid growth structure of the award-winning Ewok with the over-the-top potency and flavor of the famed Lemon Alien Dawg from Alien Genetics provides a winning combination elite enough to be assigned flattering nickname of Oregon OG.


Dominated by the Albert Walker side of the heritage in so far as growth is concerned, the Dawg Walker is vigorous, balanced and easy to grow. In stark contrast to the lanky, chaotic growth patterns Lemon Alien Dawg so often displays, the Dawg Walker grows into an evenly structured medium height bush with little training. This particularly flattering growth pattern sets up an even canopy ready to bulk into the large flower sites Albert Walker is known for. A fast finisher at eight or nine weeks for Kush, this plant lends itself well to outdoor cultivation with its early finishing times. Be extra cautious to provide plenty of airflow and a rich microbial population to inoculate against powdery mildew and other airborne pathogens. The thick heavy flower sites, paired with the medium bush structure, can impede air flow making this cultivar particularly susceptible.


The primary feature about the bag appeal with this plant is its large and evenly sized buds. The ease of growth creates particularly evenly sized flower sites, each of which is ample in size and quite dense. Although the Albert Walker completely dominates in grow, the terps from the dried flowers are all earthy, grassy, fuel-like OG. It’s a unique and unusual combination to have such large, dense, bulbous flowers that absolutely explode with rich, OG goodness. The flavor doesn’t disappoint either. Absolute rich, nutty earth, sour with just a feathering of roasted almond is all up in your business on the inhale and the exhale is all OG gas. It’s that lingering, tongue-numbing, borderline metallic sour that sticks with you; shattering the belief that true size and connoisseur flavor can’t coexist.  


Despite a shorter flower period, this power-packed OG flavored sweetheart of a cultivar is an adventure. The flavor and power of the Tahoe from the Lemon Alien Dawg really delivers that barely-functional-but-still-excited-to-try sort of experience. Any amount of overindulgence is sure to lead to a comfortable space that welcomes plenty of caloric nourishment and slumber.

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