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Behind The Strain: Golden Ticket


Dr. Scanderson details the golden strain.


golden-ticket-quote.jpgBREEDER: The Green Avenger Subcool Seeds

GENETICS: Selected Pheno of Chernobyl: [Jack The Ripper]  x [Blood Wreck (Trainwreck x Trinity)]

LINEAGE: This very special phenotype of TGA’s popular strain Chernobyl was originally discovered when Dioxide ran a 100+ seed selection run of Chernobyl and found this pheno that he dubbed Golden Ticket. This particular plant was once considered a one-of-a-kind cut, until the breeder clarified that it was a specific, albeit very rare phenotype of his Chernobyl line, encouraging others to open more chocolate bars, as it were. Thankfully so, as the subject of this review is not Dioxide’s cut, although his is very nice, but a selection from Grateful Gardens, which this reviewer happens to prefer.


She’s a fast rooter and average-paced plant in veg. Responding extremely well to even limited training or topping, a firm, wide and branchy structure steadily forms. Once a solid root mass has been established she will accelerate growth, developing reasonably large internodal spacing that will benefit from super cropping, especially in veg where many shoots can grow into a chaotic mess if left unchecked. Leaping into bloom, she stretched considerably more than I would expect of a naturally bushy structured plant, however this balance creates a nearly perfect, evenly spaced canopy with heavy branch selection and pruning.

I certainly prefer the terps found when run no more than 55 days, and with the amount of frost, it’s helpful to load up on P and K much earlier than I would full 8-­9week varieties. A firmer hand with branch thinning and flower site selection is helpful in creating attractive, medical-grade blooms of average to above-average yields.


This is absolutely one of the most shockingly frosty strains on the planet. Obscene layers of trichomes heavily embed green calyxes with copious orange hairs. The buds at first glance almost appear completely blond when cured properly. Unlike most, if not all, the other varieties of Cannabis that approach this level of frost production, the terps from Golden Ticket are just as loud.

When pulled in the early 50s, she delivers an abusive dose of nostril-puckering lime that eventually fades into the sweet fermented scent of a lime margarita. The smell translates robustly through the smoke where a most vivid display of lemon lime candy terps explode into fireworks of flavor, leaving a distinctly sweet lemon aftertaste, absent the lemon peel, and sour lime flavors I’ve found in other versions making this selection my favorite.


This potent medicine is not for the inexperienced smoker. As smoke spilled out, an immediate disorientation coupled with beads of sweat quickly formed across my brow and under my eyes. This familiar sensation, usually reserved for worm globs and other heady activities, is the result of a plant that produces resin and essential oils with the utmost of priority, and we are ever so thankful for her. A true head spinning, lip sweating, highly organized, bordering on frantic sativa experience is what patients who find this medicine can expect. Special thanks to Grateful Gardens for providing the opportunity run and enjoy this plant; she will be cherished for years to come.

Flowers in 53-55 days.

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