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Behind The Strain: LA Confidential


"Like hairs standing up on the back of my neck, a ripple of sensitivity evenly spreads across all borders connecting my body to the seat."



GENETICS: OG LA Affie x Afghani

LINEAGE: Representing the famed OG LA Affie clone in seed form, DNA offers this outstanding variety. Don and Aaron continue to quietly assassinate the competition, deliberately separating themselves from the hype trains they have seen come and go, allowing their work to speak for itself. Turn down your hearing aids, ‘cause these boys are still crushing the game.


The phenotype that I had a chance to work with is LA Confidential in its growth structure. Perhaps the first and only area of improvement I could hope for from the phenotype I selected is a slightly faster veg time. She’s a slow starter, throwing small, fat three- and five-leaf sets with medium internodal spacing. Vegging this plant for 6 weeks or more is helpful if producing a large yield per plant is a goal. Feel free to grow her large and in charge as she will stretch very little, only about 25 percent or so in flower, although she may stay in the stretch stage longer than other plants (25 days) dutifully filling in a canopy nicely.

Heavy pruning and branch selection is key to creating a quality yield. She grows chaotically into a bush with lots and lots of leaves. A heavy hand with branch selection and copious leaf thinning will help guide this lady to creating bulbous flower sites. I found little to no nutrient sensitivity evident with this plant; she wants to beam with health. Continuing to thin leaves throughout the flower cycle will ensure adequate light penetration and airflow. This is extremely helpful to compensate for the thick, bushy plant structure that may create an ideal breeding ground for pest and disease if not managed.


la-confidential-quote.jpgExtremely dense and resinous buds boast a beautiful contrasting combination of deep purple, dark green and bright orange colors. Thick, blond, crystal-encrusted calyxes with deep orange and red pistils and purple and pink color twinges throughout make these blooms nothing short of admirable. Gathering a dose to grind explodes at fallout levels of terps. She features deep astringent earthy kush and hash smells akin to a Bubba but with more OG funk to it. The flowers, as dense and thick as they can finish, required extra time to dry and cure properly with an ever-evolving dance of flavors and scents intoxicatingly finding their final place. The flavors of the combusted bloom reveals a potent display of OG gas and earth and leaving the body with a hashy, sour coffee flavor with subtle hints of licorice and anise.


The very potent and dominant indica lineage of this plant’s heritage is immediately evident upon ingestion. The thick, flavorful smoke is jam-packed with high levels of cannabinoids ready to latch onto your brain’s receptors and lock your body to the couch. They don’t call it couchlock for nothing. An insidious combination of high-testing blooms combined with a creeper effect that unassumingly enchants the mind into an indulgent partnership, leaving my body feeling as though I were growing roots. I may have never experienced my chair so comfortably. Like hairs standing up on the back of my neck, a ripple of sensitivity evenly spreads across all borders connecting my body to the seat. With each new breath, those areas became softer and less distinct until the difference between me and the place I was sitting became indiscernible.

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