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Behind The Strain: Obama Kush


Dr. Scanderson investigates the Purps x Bubba Kush strain.


BREEDER: CSI Humboldt, Inspecta

GENETICS: Purps x Bubba Kush​

LINEAGE: The very special Bubba that CSI Humboldt has become known for made a nearly flawless marriage when hit the Mendocino Purps clone. Mendocino Purps has been a longtime coveted clone of several Emerald Triangle farmers that gained popular market awareness when she started smashing High Times cups in ‘07 and again in ‘09. Inspecta created the Mendocino Purple Kush by combining her with his reversed Bubba Stud and Tigard Farms selected this particular pheno and dubbed it the Obama Kush. Since then it has gained much popularity in the Northwest for it’s shocking bag appeal, lip-smacking terps and heavy pain-relieving effects.

SUMMARY: Obama Kush is a very special selection from an already outstanding breeding project. Partaking in the medicine this plant produces is a privilege that is matched only by the opportunity to grow her. Unlike so many of the cuts that are often tightly held among the groups they circulate through, CSI still makes Mendocino Purple Kush, allowing anyone with an interest to scoop up a pack and make their own selection of this exciting cultivar.



The Obama performs more like her Bubba parent in veg. Slower than some to root, she eases into veg, deliberately setting up tightly spaced nodes and broad indica leaves. Responding very well to even to the most gentle training techniques, tucking, bending or otherwise repositioning the uppermost water leaves will allow for a more even base structure to establish. A mild but noticeable stretch imparts some of the most symmetrical and evenly spaced flower sites, boasting her sculpted structure and ease of growth features Bubba is so well-known for. Taking the already beautiful compact bud structure from the Bubba dad, the Purps adds only a bit of much-needed internodal spacing, allowing for better airflow and disease prevention and frost, frost and some more frost. Exploding with brightly colored arrays of purples, reds and near black leaves during mid to late bloom, she’s as photogenic as they come.


Bulbus knotted stacks of calyxs comprise these prized flowers. The deeply crusted exterior selfishly masks the smattering of colors that escape their crystallized prisons ever so often to reveal deep purples with bright orange hairs blasting through. The sparse flecks of green displayed on the exterior and multiplied upon opening serve almost only to provide the necessary contrast required for the other color values to appear fully saturated. A woodsy, current and sour red berry boldly wafts from the jar initially only to be quickly overtaken by the more complex earthy, coffee and hashy kush tones that comprise the terpentastic body for this medicine. In harmonic symphony, the flavors upon ingestion translate nearly identically, providing a sweet but gassy and delightfully berrylicious inhale, which is quickly consumed by the hashy, earthy, chocolate flavors that are still, almost surprisingly, ushered onto the palate with a gentle bouquet of sour, purple citrus delight.


Combining these two parents — both who have garnered reputations in the heavy indica category, becoming known for their sedative, pain-relieving qualities, the result with the Obama Kush, especially when run to the longer end of her flower window — is a deeply narcotic smoke that provides nearly immediate relaxation and decompression. With flavors like these, smaller portions simply isn’t on the table, which leaves me in a highly contemplative state where my thoughts move comfortingly slow and every step taken away from a comfortable location is a step in the wrong direction.

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