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Behind The Strain: Secret Recipe Candy Chem


She stretches double or triple in flower before morphing into the quadruple Diesel of Destiny.


BREEDER: DNA Genetics​

GENETICS: (Sour Diesel x Abusive Kush) x Chem D ​

LINEAGE: CSG reports losing the mom so no new seeds are in production, however for those who followed his gear it was a staple. Let us not forget this line of seeds.


Like a Sour D crossed with Chem D, which is not surprising considering that is pretty much what she is. She stretches between double and triple in flower before morphing into the quadruple diesel she wants to. The Chem also tames the Diesel structure and adds significant density to the buds. Staking is a necessary part of bloom for Candy Chem. 

The stems are a compromise of chem sturdiness and diesel lank so less staking is needed than with Sour D. I’m a believer in plucking some fan leaves mid way through bloom but with this one it’s less crucial. She doesn’t have the abundant or palm tree size leaves many plants have.

I’ve noticed that she wants extra cal mag throughout the grow but more noticeably in flower. She also likes more nitrogen than most. I keep adding it until the last three weeks of the 10-plus-week flower. She wants between 70 to 77 days of 12/12! For most growers that long of a flower is a non-starter, but I happen to love this plant so I’m willing. The buds reflect light as though coated with morning dew and, when finishing, the red hairs kind of disappear. The impression is that of pure light green sparkling buds. And did I mention the smell in the room — very ripe mangoes and candy with an under tone of skunk and diesel — it just makes me happy!


Beautiful and coated with crystals, the secret recipe presents herself as a nimbly balanced mint-colored spear. It looks quite hybrid with yellow and orange hairs tucked neatly behinds bulging calyx’s.

The deep aroma of sweet pine burst out of the sample and is quickly taken over by a fuely Chemy tone of the parental lineage. With such heavy-hitting parents I was surprised at how sweet and comforting the smell was, but the savagely delicious chemy roots poured though in the flavor of the smoke. Hard-hitting, fuely Sour Chem is all she has for flavor until….oh wait there’s that sweet taste again.  

Almost like a welcomed pat on the back of your tongue for enduring the chemical treatment, saying “Hey, it’s okay, try it again…”  


A nice cerebral wakeup call yields some improved blood pressure. Oh yes, hello bright sunshiny day. Secret Recipe even leaves you with that sweet taste, which comes with a comforting but awakened sense of creativity. Not what I’ve come to expect out of your basic Chem Diesel Kush crosses, but more of a trick of your senses with a delicate balance of sweet and sour on the palate...and on the mind; wait what?!

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