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Behind The Strain: Sunset Sherbet


Sherbet boasts an unmatched fruit punch, push pop, sweet red berry scent that somehow matches perfectly with any level of the earthy, mossy, kushy punch it sits over.


YIELD: Medium

GENETICS: Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies (indica hybrid)

LINEAGE: Brought to us by combining the efforts of the all too infamous Cookie fam with a grower known as Mr. Sherbinski, this hybrid is unmistakeable. By combining the over-the-top frost and bud structure of the GSC with the beauty and remarkable smell the Pink Panties brings to the table leaves us with one of the most sought-after varieties on Earth.


Sensitive. The OG traits are right up in the forefront of growth characteristics of the cut I’ve worked with. Slow to take off, she needs consistency in environment and delicacy and grace during transplant. But once in late veg, she becomes quite robust, producing medium-height, evenly spaced bushes that respond well to delicate and early tip topping. When worked consistently to space heads evenly, she puts off heavy bud sites of exquisite color and intoxicating smell. While I prefer the gassy, mossy terpenes that become dominant at the 70-day range and beyond, several farmers happily take her in the early 60s, accentuating the fruitier range of this exquisite cultivar.


Much like her parental heritage, “The Sherb” takes on an even darker range of colors than the famed GSC. She produced large, more bulbous flower sites, making her bag appeal second to none. Perhaps only a few steps below the frostiness of GSC, the range of purples, reds and blues that flow across these plump blooms makes them a gorgeous site. The scent is nothing short of intoxicating. If you are a terpene hound, this variety is the one for you. Accept no imitation; if it doesn’t have a smell like nothing you’ve ever experienced (with Gelato being the exception) you haven’t encountered the real cut. Regardless of the harvest window you choose, Sherbert boasts an unmatched fruit punch, push pop, sweet red berry scent that somehow matches perfectly with any level of the earthy, mossy, kushy punch that it sits over. The taste is all deep, earthy kush with a spectrum of sweet fruit punch flavor entirely contingent on the harvest window you chose.


Bright, happy and still functional. One of the many features that wins my personal taste when compared with her popular parent, is that Sherb is like a silly, confident friend to your mind where GSC is a thunderous donkey punch. I enjoy being able to sample a few different tastes of the Sherb and still be able to stay away. The muted, moss, earth and kush terps explode on the inhale and quickly translate into a soft, sweet, woody berry exhale. An alert and giggly state sets in, allowing stress to melt down the back of the neck and out of the way.


Rare to find and requiring more attention to grow to its full potential, Sherbert is worth the effort. When given the opportunity to flourish, she delivers large yields of truly exquisite flavors and colors and rarely finds her way out of the headstash.

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