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Behind The Strain: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies


The intoxicatingly sweet scent of fresh baked dough, vanilla and sugar blossoms that Cookies have become known for transfixes the senses.


GENETICS:  F1 Durban x OG Kush

LINEAGE: The thin mint cut of Girl Scout Cookie is a coveted cultivar that takes credit for much of the original craze this variety inspired when made available to the thirsty market of high-end connoisseurs. Lots of cuts and bag seeds of this strain have done a good job muddying the waters regarding the expression of the original plant but all share some similarities, not the least of which is its seemingly unending ability to impress.


Featuring one of the most critical characteristics for staying power, this cut performs well in perpetual veg. A strong rooter and medium pace of growth lend well to mothering plants. She’s quite pH sensitive, but when kept in range, she takes over a garden with an unmistakably deeply serrated leaf pattern, dark green colors and red petioles.

She responds extremely well to topping and training and will reward ample veg time and training techniques with several evenly sized rock-hard spears that can be deceptively heavy. Loading up the potassium around weeks two to three beyond what typical sensitive plants tolerate helps her thrive and complete stretch into bud set. I’ve always found this cultivar to perform best when ran for 10 or more weeks, leaving extra time for bud swell, which seems to just keep going and going in my experience.


thin-mint-girl-scout-cookies-quote.jpgAmong the most exceptional looking specimens of Cannabis, Girl Scout Cookies is a complete show-stopper. Bright green calyxes softly fade into dark purple tips, each expectorating a bright orange pistil or two. All this caked under a blanket of trichomes thick enough to stretch the resin heads into thread when you break the blooms apart.

The intoxicatingly sweet scent of fresh baked dough, vanilla and sugar blossoms that Cookies have become known for transfixes the senses. A more in-depth second waft reveals a complex OG fuel starting from a fresh rubber tire giving way to an acrid chemical OG scent. 

Even when properly dried and cured, the flowers require some patience to ignite simply due to the volume of resin sandwiched into every available space. Once combusted, a rush of hashy, earthy, OG flavors with just a small, smooth touch of mint goes to work on your mouth. The exhale brings the numbing taste of hot asphalt and rubber that twists itself around your mouth, changing gently into a sweet and spicy exhale before lingering dauntingly in the air.


Clear your schedule, you’ve got militant chillin’ to do. Not for the inexperienced patient or part-time medicator looking to relieve symptoms and go about their day with any degree of effectiveness. No, my friend, plan your weekends around these meds. The look. The flavor. The experience is all so intoxicating, it’s hard to believe as quickly as this flower extinguishes any head-centered pressure, that it’s a creeper, but indeed it’s full consultation is only revealed several minutes after introduction.

For some, this medication provides intense, pain-relieving, trance-like states that may be more aptly described as endured, after which a well-deserved nap is often an order. For others, it’s a nice medication to use when sleep, calm or pain-relief is an order and the “go to” strains are not doing it. Potency abounds without having to turn to concentrates; this flavor lives up to the hype.

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