Book Review: Baked 2

August 03, 2017 | SteveElliott

Delicious Cannacookbook sequel features 100+ recipes for edibles. By Yzabetta Sativa, 2017, 303 pages, $20.00


This is a gorgeous coffee-table book and it’s also a cookbook. Its sheer heft of 303 pages and beautiful, full-page, color photographs make it a work of art as well as a kitchen tool.

This second edition of the best-selling Baked features more than 40 new recipes that weren’t found in the first edition. More than 80 recipes appear in the book.

Whether you enjoy savory treats, or want to mix up something special from the “Drinks” section, these easy-to-follow directions help even newbie Cannabis chefs create delicious delicacies.

baked-2-book-review-quote.jpgBreakfast, lunch and dinner are all covered, of course, but the book doesn’t stop there. There are also sections on staples, vegetarian treats, desserts—including bars, cookies, cakes, candies and sugar-free and vegan treats—and drinks.

The book also includes dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan delicacies for those with restricted or specialized diets. Baked 2 was written for people who want to eat their high without sacrificing good taste. “Few marijuana cookbooks address the fact that Cannabis is a spicy, harsh-tasting plant that often doesn’t cook particularly well,” the book’s publisher said. “Baked addresses these issues head on by providing stunningly accurate visual and textual instructions on how to make marijuana foods that look and taste great.”

Whether you make Cannabis treats for recreational or medicinal reasons, you will likely enjoy the broad range of tasty recipes served up in Baked 2. The book includes such gourmet delights as marshmallow meltdown, dreamy raspberry bars, peanut butter cup cookies, lavender love bites and baked fudge. Don’t forget the savory dinner delicacies such as chronic coconut chicken, spaghetti marinara, and crockpot goulash.

Author Yzabetta Sativa was a lifelong pot smoker who found that eating Cannabis prolonged its effects on her system, and allowed her to avoid smoke inhalation. As a chef, she quickly recognized that others could benefit from healthier, diet-conscious recipes, so she began to supply edible Cannabis treats to compassion clubs. That experience eventually led to the writing of this book.

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