Book Review: True Living Organics [2nd Edition]

January 03, 2017 | SteveElliott

'The Ultimate Guide To Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors' by The Rev.


true-living-organics-second-edition-quote-1.jpgThis is an update of one of the most popular organic Cannabis cultivation guides in the world, and it features lots of new and revised information, including all-new photos, to help indoor gardeners perfect their craft.

The burgeoning market for marijuana means consumers are more informed and more demanding than ever before. And many (or most!) consumers, especially medical patients, prefer the clean taste and soaring high of organic Cannabis.

What separates the best organic growers from the rest? “True Living Organics” can help you achieve excellence with revised and advanced soil-mixing recipes, the importance of using “true living water,” new tea and spike recipes, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. 

The comprehensive troubleshooting section is a great help, especially to novices. If you just want to grow fine organic weed but don’t have time to mix your own soils and teas, you guessed it! Ready-made TLO (True Living Organics) soils are available.

“Soil made for Cannabis in containers has to be much different than soil(s) made for other plants, due to Cannabis’ voracious appetite and growth rates, especially under typical high-performance grow room conditions,” The Rev writes. 

“The rules are different for high-temp high-metabolism soil and the amount of life you will be feeding (the microbeasties); so hells yes TLO soil mixes are strong; there’s a lot of life besides the plant chowing down (consuming nutrients).”

As a bonus, there’s detailed information about organic hash making, and a guide to solvent-free extraction.

The accessible writing style has won The Rev a lot of followers. The book sifts through the insider jargon surrounding the organic Cannabis cultivation community, and shows you how to produce top-quality, chemical-free marijuana flowers in your home at minimal cost. 

If you’re looking for one indispensable handbook for growing truly natural and organic marijuana, entirely free of chemicals, “True Living Organics” is a good choice.

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