Budtender of the Month: Ricky Burby

September 06, 2017 | PacerStacktrain

Each month, the Leaf crew meets to select one special budtender that stands out above the rest!


As storefronts have popped up around the state over the past year, the Cannabis retail industry is slowly but surely figuring out what pleases customers the most. The budtender, while a relatively new profession in the world, is surely the most important part of the store experience with Cannabis. Our Budtender of the Month this time around is one of the most knowledgeable that we’ve encountered. Ricky Burby knows Cannabis inside and out, but beyond that, he knows how to speak to both novices and experts about the plant in a way that’s both welcoming and enlightening.

When did you first Cxperience cannabis?

I first tried it was when I was on a Senior graduation trip to the Bahamas. The experience was social, silly and fun!

We had a group of about seven people that partook in the Cannabis adventure and afterwards went immediately to the pool and slides as we were feeling confined to our hotel room and a little worried the smell would get us in big trouble. It was a great experience and it got me more interested and involved in the consumption of Cannabis.

How long have you been in the Cannabis industry and what is your favorite part of the job?

I have been a budtender for over four years in Portland. I find that being a budtender is much more rewarding than any job I have had in the past. I pride myself on my knowledge of strains, their lineage, terpene profiles and grow styles. This, in my opinion, makes for great discussion when assisting patients and customers on a daily basis. Nothing feels better than having a customer come back and tell me the products that were suggested to them gave them the assistance or the relief they are looking for.

budtender-of-the-month-ricky-sept-2017-quote.jpgWhat’s your favorite method of consumption?

I’m still in love with smoking flower more than I am with dabbing. I love the ritual of grabbing your favorite bud, grinding it up and either rolling up a joint or just dropping it in some nice glass.

What are some of your favorite Cannabis strains and effects?

My favorite Cannabis strain is SFV OG. I love the flavor and psychoactive effect this strain delivers. It’s an older strain in regards to its background and lineage, but it does more for me than most of the new fun crosses that growers are coming up with these days. This strain also has my favorite terpene profile: super heavy ocean grown flavor with heavy notes of alpha-Pinene and Caryophyllene.

How do you help customers find the best Cannabis or products for them?

Finding the right strains for customers or patients is generally pretty easy, although, being that we all have a different physical makeup some things will work better than others. The main thing I recommend to new budtenders is to just shut up and listen to the person in front of you. Let them tell you what they are dealing with. Ask questions!

The more information you can get, the better you are going to be at recommending them a product that will assist them in their time of need.

What makes your shop’s approach different?

Listening. Listening. Listening. We want to make sure when you leave MindRite, you have exactly what you are looking for or something close to it. We have a staff of educated and accommodating individuals. In most cases, when you visit you will get assistance from more than one person while you’re here. We offer a request list for anyone that comes in the shop looking for something we don’t have. This doesn’t guarantee we will be able get it, but if we can find the product they are looking for or something similar, we try to accommodate them with a phone call when the product arrives.

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of the Cannabis industry?

I love the outdoors. Anything around a body of water is ideal. Cliff jumping and diving off rocks is pretty much my favorite thing to do when the summer hits. I have been athletic since I was a kid and played soccer my whole life, and I’m a huge Timbers fan! I love spending time with my family. Nothing compares to playing with my niece and nephews.

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