Cannabis-Infused Sandwich Recipes

March 01, 2017 | LaurieWolf

This month's recipes are about sandwich love. Photos by Bruce Wolf.


Triple Grilled Cheese

So many cheeses to consider when attempting to make the world’s greatest grilled cheese sandwich. Is there a perfect combination? I think not. Some cheeses can be ruled out due to their texture, others because the flavor is way too strong. That said, there is really no right or wrong choice here. It’s subjective. Many think American cheese is a must, while others scoff at that plebian choice. The answer is go with what you like. Why not?

triple-grilled-cheese-recipe2.jpg1. Place two bread slices on your work surface.

2. Spread each bread slice with one teaspoon of mustard and one teaspoon of cannabutter.

3. Add your cheeses and sprinkle a little salt.

4. Heat butter in a medium skillet. When it foams, turn heat down and place sandwiches in pan.

5. Cook on one side, over low/medium heat until golden brown, flip and continue cooking until the other side is also nicely browned.


Shrimp Roll

I can’t stop making this sandwich. Just be sure to use the freshest shrimp you can. Some toast the bun, others don’t. If you prefer to add cilantro or fresh parsley rather than dill, be my guest. Scallion works well, and if someone gives you a lobster, go for it.

shrimp-roll-ingredients.jpg1. Place the rolls on your work surface.

2. In a small bowl, mix well the mayo, canna-oil, onion, dill and lemon juice. 

3. Add shrimp + salt & pepper to taste.

4. Line the rolls with lettuce and place the shrimp mixture on top.


This open-facedsandwich is my favorite. The combination of flavors satisfies every steak-related craving. It’s a great way to use steak leftovers, so find a good quality baguette and toast lightly for sandwich perfection. I recommend skirt or tri-tip, cooked to medium-rare.

steak-sandwich-ingredients.jpg1. Set out baguette slices on work surface.

2. In a small bowl using a fork, whisk together the mayo, canna-oil, horseradish, garlic and crushed chili flakes. Spread the mixture on the bread pieces.

3. Place 3-4 steak slices on each sandwich.

4. Add on the bell pepper, onion and any greens you might want.

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