Comedians in Clubs Getting High

October 03, 2016 | TylerMarkwart

The Gateway Show is a new concept for standup comedy that could only be conceived of on the West Coast. Photos by Daniel Berman.


comedians-sidebar2.jpgUnlike other comedy shows, The Gateway Show works best in states where Cannabis is legalized because the comedians get stoned during the show and return to the stage. Some of the comedians smoke weed often, others don’t, which makes each show a unique and all-together hysterical experience.

Billy Anderson is the host of The Gateway Show and he does a fantastic job at getting the crowd settled in for a night of weed-centric jokes. The show starts off like any other comedy set; the comedians go on stage and tell jokes.  Except at The Gateway Show, each comedian gets a set of sober jokes and then half-way through, the comedians go get really stoned. After consuming Cannabis in various forms, the comedians then head back on stage to tell jokes again, which usually ensues in some hilarious antics.

The Gateway Show has traveled up and down the West Coast for the summer and settled back into Seattle for an extra-packed weekend coinciding with the PAX convention. 

At the back of the dimly lit Jai Thai restaurant in Seattle, an eclectic Capitol Hill crowd was packed shoulder to shoulder, eagerly waiting for the show to begin. Rick Taylor, Anica Cihla, Whitmer Thomas, Erin Lennox and Billy Wayne Davis were the comedians for the night. Each comedian had the crowd laughing and at a few points some people were even seen crying from laughter, including myself. 


The Gateway Show makes for a great night out on the town. It takes place at Jai Thai, a delicious Thai restaurant that covers both vegans and omnivores so everyone will have an option to eat. The Capitol Hill restaurant is within walking distance of the new Capitol Hill subway station, so you can fully enjoy the show and not worry about parking or a DUI.

If you need a laugh and don’t want to spend a ton of money, this should be on the top of your list of things to do in Seattle. The Gateway Show would definitely be a fun date or chance to hang out with friends and have a drink and a dab (outside). Just sit back, laugh and have fun - but remember there’s no smoking or Cannabis use allowed in the show or restaurant.

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