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Concentrate Review: ACDC Terpenes

April 05, 2016 | WillFerguson

Material cultivated by Green Bodhi & terpenes isolated by Evolvd Organics.


conentrates-april-quote.jpgThe technology to isolate terpenes has been around for a bit, however, the yields are so small that no one thought they could be marketed. Evolvd Organics has worked with numerous local growers to purify terpenes from their material. The ACDC terpenes came packaged in a little glass vial that looked like it held no more than a drop. 

Opening the vial releases an incredibly strong floral, myrcene, profile that does not have the cherry cough syrup nose that many other CBD strains have. As far as ingesting this goes, the most desirable way to consume terpenes seems to be dipping dabs in them for an added effect. I dipped a dab of Space Dawg into the ACDC terpenes and dabbed it at a low temperature, allowing a nail to rest 30 seconds. The floral taste of the ACDC complemented the Space Dawg perfectly, creating this complex fusion of flavors that was reminiscent of lavender. The effect is cerebral, uplifting, calm and unlike anything I’ve felt before. It seems that vaporizing terpenes in this high of a concentration has a modulating effect on the endocannabinoid system. 

These isolated terpenes are great for patients looking for a full spectrum high as they produce noticeably different effects than cannabinoids.


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