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Concentrate Review: Cookie Tonic

March 05, 2016 | WES ABNEY

A review of the high-quality extract from Green Lion Industries.


cookie-tonic-test-results.jpgGrowing up, medicine used to always taste bad, but that isn’t a problem with this cherry-flavored extract. The amber hues of this sappy oil are beautiful to look at, especially when twirled on a dab tool waiting for a hot nail. Before vaping, the CO2 has a light fragrant taste with hints of cherries and fruit, but the real treat is released when combustion occurs. Thick and heady waves of cherry flavor come with even the smallest dab, releasing THC and CBD into receptors ready for pain-free bliss to set in.

The effects of the Cookie Tonic are unique and especially beneficial for those looking to ease pain or anxiety while enjoying a calming head high too. The high level of CBD balances out the psychoactivity of the THC, allowing it to work on the body and leave the mind clear. 

cookie-tonic-quote.jpgWithin minutes of smoking, the body feels lighter and a positive energy begins to fill the body. This oil is great for daytime use and makes enjoying any physical activity even more special.

CBD is great for medical or recreational users looking to have a more balanced and rewarding high for the body. CBD is beneficial for a huge variety of medical conditions or for something as simple as a back ache or a case of the Monday blues. When combined with delicious THC and refined like this,  it becomes a world-class dab. Check out the Cookie Tonic and other high-quality extracts on the medical and rec markets from Green Lion Industries.


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