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Concentrate Review: Distillate by Evergreen Extracts

April 06, 2016 | WES ABNEY

A review of Distillate from Evergreen Extracts. Photo by Daniel Berman.

distillate.jpgdistillate-quote.jpgIn the world of refined concentrates, Distillate is the closest to an essential oil of Cannabis and especially THC. The process for making Distillate involves taking an already made concentrate like Bubble Hash, BHO or CO2 oil, and distilling it into a more purified version. The final product can have THC levels in excess of 95 percent, delivering a mind-numbing potency that is great for dabbing or cooking.

Distillate from Evergreen Extracts stands out among other similar extractions for both purity and quality. The biggest factor in the quality of their Distillate is the starting material, which begins with award-winning CO2 that is perfectly dabbable before making it into Distillate. The end result is a beautiful golden sap full of a variety of cannabinoids.

The test results on this product are extremely medicinal in nature, and also pack a heady recreational high. With high levels of CBG, CBC and CBN, the entourage effect of cannabinoids really hits along with a healthy dose of CBD and a massive amount of THC. 

The high produced is euphoric and friendly, with the antidepressant effects of the CBG brightening even the darkest day. This is a perfect daytime option for high-tolerance users who will find relief for hours in a refined form.

Dabbing Distillate from a low-temperature nail allows for a tasty and voluminous smoking experience. Thick waves of sweet-tasting vapor are released, along with massive amounts of cannabinoids. 

We noticed a light sweetness in the clear smoke, although it is raw and technically unflavored, and enjoyed floral and orange notes naturally present in the oil. The effects are heavy and instant, but also well-balanced.

Available at Conscious Care Co-Op Ballard, Sound Remedies in Puyallup and Rainier Xpress in Olympia.


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