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Concentrate Review: Marionberry Kush

February 04, 2016 | WES ABNEY

Marionberry Kush: smooth and fresh. Photo by Daniel Berman.


marionberry-kush-quote-1.jpgGolden amber tones of light and fragrant oil mark the launch of Happy Cat products into the 502 marketplace. Marionberry Kush is a renowned strain that blends solid effects and great flavor, and the oil produced is extremely tasty and potent. Dabbing at low temperatures brings out a fresh and bright floral flavor, transporting the taste buds to a field of marionberries. 

The vapor is smooth and fresh, with little cough but a big head change that sets in quickly. The exhale has light tones of the Kush present in the genetics, but the Kush effects are felt most in the body.

Marionberry Kush is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain, but the 30 percent indica has a big effect on the body. Much like a hippie speedball of coffee and weed, dabbing this strain blends a carefree euphoria and creative energy that crashes into the body in heavy waves. This strain can be used for day or nighttime endeavors, but we recommend having an open schedule with a fun activity ready to go.

The signature packaging from Happy Cat and easy-to-use applicators mark the arrival of true top-shelf CO2, something missing from many stores. The oil works well in vaporizer pens, but we prefer to dab it from a quartz or titanium nail. 

Dabbing is a breeze with the applicator, which has a stainless steel tip and an easy-to-push plunger, allowing the exact size of dab a user wants to be ready. Simply touch the tip to a nail and thick clouds of warm and sweet vapor are released, ready to inhale.

Available at Dockside Shoreline | Kushery Locations | Bel Mar | Greenside Recreational | Herbal Nation

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