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Concentrate Review: Snow Leopard

August 13, 2016 | TylerMarkwart

Processed by Errl's & Mantis Extracts. 73.2% THC. Photo by Daniel Berman.


snow-leopard-intro.jpgSnow Leopard 
sugar crumble is some fantastic work from the crew over at Errl’s. The cannabinoid total hits 73.2 percent, which allows the crumble to melt slowly on the nail for a long-lasting low-temp dab. It also holds together well while being scraped up, which makes getting every last bit of golden sugary goodness out of the container even easier. The waxes in the crumble also help retain all of those delicious terpenes for the dynamic flavor that Bodhi Seeds are well known for.

On the inhale, the vapor was very smooth, with a slight lung expansion towards the end of the pull. The exhale had a wonderful, slightly spicy, woody flavor with a creeper cough at the end that reminds you of just how potent the Snow Leopard is. 

The spacey effects hit quickly, going right to the head, with a similar body feeling to follow a few minutes later.

Not a mind-melting high, but more of a tranquil body and mind collaboration effect, for a great end-of-the-evening, wind-down feeling. Recommended for watching a movie, relaxing at the beach or anything that involves being low key, like napping. 

The Snow Leopard is very enjoyable, with little to no anxiety associated with it and works great for day and nighttime usage.

Errl’s has been extremely consistent on their concentrate processing and their pricing, so be on the lookout for some great affordable oil at your local rec shop. The Snow Leopard is also  a great choice for medical patients looking to relieve pain, fight depression, slow down racing thoughts and reduce nausea.


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