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Concentrate Reviews: September 2016

September 06, 2016 | WES ABNEY

Reviews of Canna-Tsu CBD Caps and White Fire Alien OG. Photos by @bermanphotos and @northwestgreens.


canna-tsu--quote1.jpgThe CBD Apothecary is a medically focused farm and CBD company. Many of the tinctures, capsules and other extracts they make are solely available to OMMP patients. This seven-pack of Canna-Tsu came packaged in a convenient little glass jar with test results and the lab on the bottom. The organic coconut oil is infused with a high-quality, cannabinoid-rich CO2 extract produced by Farmers Friends Extracts. I ingested four capsules (112mg CBD) and felt a really relaxed, calming high. 

I was able to go about my day while being medicated and was able to function pain-free. I would suggest these capsules to patients who need discreet, daytime pain relief that’s not lethargic. Available @ Pure Green | Botanica



white-fire-alien-og-quote-1.jpgRich Extracts is an up-and-coming extraction company that specializes in large batch hydrocarbon processing, and one of their first strains to hit the market is this White Fire Alien OG. The extract comes packaged in a mylar envelope utilizing PTFE instead of the traditional parchment paper. The concentrate has a beautiful golden amber color to it, but doesn’t have much smell. 

A low-temperature dab reveals flavors of sweet lemons and spice. The effect is incredibly relaxing as it immediately melted me into my couch; perfect for after a long day’s work. I would recommend this strain to consumers looking for a relaxing body high that is particularly great for relieving pain and stress. Rich Extracts is available at select dispensaries around the Portland metro area and is quickly becoming a favorite in the 503. Grown & processed by Rich Extracts.

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