Concentrates: Dama Oil

December 01, 2012 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Clean, consistent and controlled: a reputation for quality

In the developing field of Cannabis concentrates, consistency is the hardest attribute for a product to maintain. At Northwest Leaf, we have seen hundreds of top-quality extracts that were here one day and gone the next. This can happen because of heavy demand or a short supply of bud/trim for production. This is ultimately frustrating for patients, especially those using the concentrates to fight cancer or other serious ailments in which consistent dosing is essential.  

During the past several months, we have been watching Dama Oil stand out in the medical Cannabis industry as a top concentrate. This product is popular with patients and access point owners for several reasons.

The first and most important factor is the oil itself. It is made with food grade isopropyl alcohol, which is an extremely clean and effective solvent that doesn't leave behind dangerous impurities. Each batch is controlled to one specific strain and tested for potency, which allows for controlled dosing of the medicine. Each flavor is made with natural essential oils. The best part is that all this information is included on the packaging. Each syringe is printed with the batch number, strain identification, THC content and flavor on the stem. There's a standard milliliter marking for easy dosage. It's capped with a blue bubble and held inside a plastic case reminiscent of a toothpaste package. Each unit has a tamper-proof seal and usage warnings.

In the taste and smoke department, it is a solid choice. New mocha and peppermint flavors are dead-on, and, when combined and dabbed, extremely tasty. The smoke is clean and expansive, and the effects match the batch. The Blueberry leaves a pleasant warming sensation that is equally divided between the mind and the body. New flavors are coming in early 2013, and we can't wait.

Ask your local access point if they carry Dama Oil, or visit for a list of locations.


courtesy Analytical360

Mocha - 71.09% THC
Spearmint - 72.15% THC
Peppermint - 76.84% THC
Original - 79.01% THC


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