Concentrates Issue 2017: CO2 & FECO

July 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Everything you need to know about CO2 and FECO.


concentrates-2017-co2-quote1.jpgCO2 extraction is one of the cleanest and safest methods of extracting any type of plant matter. Carbon dioxide is pumped at often supercritical temperatures under high pressure to pull cannabinoids from the plant material, leaving a pure concentrate. 

CO2 is not toxic to humans and kills any microbial growth in the process of extraction. Plus, CO2 can be used to create natural essential oils in addition to Cannabis concentrates. 
Mainstream products processed with CO2 include herbal essential oils, hops for beer and decaffeinated coffee. Because of the considerable investment required to process CO2 (roughly $75,000) the average gram retails for around $30-$60 per gram. 

The cell walls of the Cannabis plant can sometimes contain large wax concentrations. Unfortunately for consumers, plant waxes are one of the leading causes of excessive coughing when dabbing. By washing the concentrate sample with alcohol, the wax will remain in the container and the cannabinoids will be absorbed into the alcohol and distilled off as the alcohol evaporates in a separate container. 

Concentrates with higher amounts of plant waxes and lipids will require a higher temperature to dab and, as pointed out earlier, will cause more irritation on the throat and lungs. Special note: Any concentrate that has an ethanol wash should be tested for residual alcohol. Residual alcohol at high ppm can be harmful if vaporized.



Extremely stable CO2 shatter with a sweet and mellow vapor that releases a potent high and floral notes (74.1% THC / 0.7% CBD).



A heady combination of OG Kush, Gorilla Who and Headband, this mindnumbing oil possesses a sweet, smooth vapor and notes of lavender and piney fuel (74.4% THC / 1.7% CBD).



Select just the right amount of oil with this innovative delivery system.



The CO2 Company has been a reliable producer of affordable cartridges since day one of OMMP and continuing into our current recreational market. This Amnesia Haze is a smooth spacey Sativa clocking in at 54.8% THC making it a perfect option to help you enjoy an afternoon, power through chores, or get creative.



concentrates-2017-feco-inset.jpgFECO pulls a wide range of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are successful in treating a huge variety of conditions. It should only be made with pure alcohol, food-grade ethanol or grain alcohol, and should be properly purged of residual alcohol before ingestion. FECO should never be vaporized or dabbed because inhaling alcohol is bad for the central nervous system and the brain. When eaten, the alcohol is safe for use. While FECO should be made available at a compassion rate, the average price is $25 to $50 per gram in most recreational dispensaries and it can go higher.

FECO is often in the range of 40-70 percent THC, meaning it has 400-700 mg of overall cannabinoids present per gram. Often the oil comes in CBD-dominant, THC-dominant or 1:1 ratios of THC and CBD, or can have a cannabinoid blend specific to the strain it is extracted from. Dosing FECO begins with a drop of the oil the size of a grain of rice, and can be consumed raw or in a capsule form. To help common ailments and treatments of pain this dose size is a perfect starter, and can be built up from there to larger amounts.

For those seeking to treat cancer or other life threatening ailments, a more rigorous dosing protocol of FECO is recommended. This can mean up to a gram of oil or more a day, which is a dose that often comes with “Green Sickness,” which is an overwhelming response to the massive amount of cannabinoids the body is taking in. This can lead to anxiety, nausea and general discomfort, but it is also masking what is happening internally. The cannabinoids are going to work. Those interested in treating a terminal illness with FECO should look into dosing schedules that slowly build up tolerance, and ensure that they are prepared fully before starting a treatment plan. For those looking to receive more average condition medicinal benefits, starting small is always the best bet, because you can always eat a little more!

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