Concentrates Issue 2017: Hash and EHO

July 07, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

A guide to hash and EHO.


Solventless and bubble hash refers to hash or kief that has been processed and collected using only water and ice or a dry sift method to gather Cannabis trichomes and cannabinoids into a smokable form. It is one of the most labor-intensive ways to process Cannabis and takes a lot of patience and knowledge to create the highest-grade oils. When done right, the concentrate produced from either water or sift extracting can be considered the best oil in the world — pure, solventless, and with a true representation of a strains effects and flavors. Today, a huge variety of extraction methods and tools exist for making hash. Still, we find the best way involves ice, water and a little bit of elbow grease.


Pua Extractions Amnesia Haze Full Melt

Material grown with fermented plant juice utilizing Korean Natural Farming techniques. This floral smelling hash yields a creative and energetic high. 


Dr. Vert Barry’s Bubble Dogshit Cherry Pie Full Melt

Solventless extract that utilizes agitation, ice and water for a full spectrum taste. Material must be carefully cultivated and handled to make quality hash.

Solventless hash is rated generally on a 1-6 star rating system. Hash is also often priced based off the star rating, ranging from $10 a gram for 1-star up to $100 a gram for 6-star. Here is a basic breakdown of how those stars are rated and why.

Varied color, very harsh earthy taste. When heated, will not fully combust. 
This type of hash is best used for cooking, but can be smoked with patience.
Dabbable? No | Melt level: 1 (0% melt) | $10-$15/g

Dark green with an earthy flavor. When heated, forms a slight sheen and combusts. This lower-grade hash is great for cooking or smoking, though will have a harsh and earthy flavor when smoked. Dabbable? No | Melt level: 2  (15-25% melt) | $15-$20/g

Dark brown, earthy with hints of original strain flavor. When heated, it forms small bubbles on the surface, then combusts. This type of bubble hash is perfect for loading on a bowl of flower or rolling into a joint. Dabbable? No | Melt level: 3 (50%) | $25/g

Light brown, less pronounced flavor profile but showing stronger hints of original strain flavor. When heated, bubbles into a puddle. This is the lowest star level suitable for dabbing, as it will have a very earthy/planty flavor and may leave residue on the nail.
Dabbable? Yes | Melt level: 4 | (60-70% melt) | $30-$40/g

Fully melts into oil when heated but leaves a slight residue and flavor of plant matter when smoked. Dabbable? Yes | Melt level: 5 |(80-90% full melt) | $50+/g

Light/blond colored resinous gold, super fine texture. Forms into almost transparent slab when pressed. This should taste and smell like the purest nectar of the strain, which it essentially is. Dabs easily on a nail, leaving zero plant matter taste and an extremely smooth smoke. Dabbable? Yes | Melt Level: 6 | (100% full melt) $60+/g


or-grow-side.jpgEthanol Hash Oil, or EHO, is a full spectrum concentrate that uses Ethanol as the only solvent in the process. 

Cannabis is processed in this method through the combination of pure, or often organic, alcohol with raw buds or trim, under pressure or in the form of a long soak, with the alcohol kept at as low of temperatures as possible. The combination of the natural solvent and cold temperature pulls the full spectrum of Cannabinoids, waxes, lipids, terpenes and other desirable compounds while leaving behind plant matter and chlorophylls. The end result is a beautiful oil that can have a variety of textures, but the defining factor is the beautiful color and taste that is unlike that produced by any other extraction method.

The most common form of this final extract is a beautiful honey crumble, with a light, wet and waxy texture that is oozing with terps and flavor. Often the raw terpenes will begin to separate from the bulk of the concentrate, such is the intensity of the raw terpenoids and the pure essential nature of this method. While this technology and technique has been used for thousands of years to extract plants and other compounds, the concept of creating dab-able oil from ethanol is only just now being utilized by the Cannabis community, with a handful of companies making these fire oils.

In contrast to Full Extract Cannabis Oil, known as FECO or Rick Simpson Oil, EHO can be eaten but is best consumed via vaporizing. What makes this form of oil extra special is the fullness of the high, and the smoothness that comes from a low solvent extract that is rich in Cannabinoids and terpenes.

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