Concentrates Issue: CO2 Organics Review

May 07, 2014 | WES ABNEY

Love isn't just in the air at the CO2 Organics facility in Willapa Bay in southwest Washington. It's vibrating through the plants and oil produced in the facility about 2.5 hrs SW of Seattle.


In a method unlike any other in the world, the team behind the company has infused love, passion and science into Cannabis. Founder Daniel Lameire is a raw foodist and former audio engineer and he broadcasts the frequency the human body emits during feelings of love through every step of processing the plant.
    And in case you are wondering, or hoping to woo a person or plant, that frequency runs at 528 hertz.co2organicsquote-copy.jpg   The 8,500-square-foot facility rests above the Willapa River, in a group of buildings the city of Raymond has designated for Cannabis production. Inside they blend an organic grow facility with  CO2 processing, which has combined for an integrated system that ensures quality and fair prices.
    “We had many reasons for choosing CO2 as our solvent for extracting. We want out product to have maximum flavor and terpenes, to be as potent as possible while still getting familiar flavor and taste, and for the overall health of the consumer,” Daniel explained. “I believe that Cannabis is a plant made for humans, and we work to translate health into the business at every level.”


For CO2 Organics, it all begins with the flower. Most product is grown in-house, and outside product is thoroughly screened and quarantined before being approved for processing.
    “If I don’t feel comfortable with a batch of product, I won’t run it,” Daniel said. 
     “Even if it’s ours. I view this in the same way I do food. If you put in good food it becomes a part of you. I think about our medicine, and what our consumers want. Would you want quality and noble product in your system, or would you want poor grade?”
     The company is betting on the latter, and the results at the recent DOPE cup prove it. Still, a lot of persuading and education is needed to switch BHO users over to another solvent-based extraction.
co2organicsquote2.jpg    “I believe people’s perception of CO2 is changing, and it will only make the extraction more popular as people learn about the health benefits and the risks of other solvents,” he said.

 “Our message would be that from beginning to end our process is as clean as possible for human consumption.”    Part of that process come from Daniel’s passion for raw foods. While chopping fruits and raw Cannabis juice cubes into a blender, he explained how raw foods, and truly raw CO2, are different from other versions. After chopping and processing the ingredients, he took a sip of his creation and shared his thoughts.
    “The less you alter a plant source for food or medicine the better. True raw food/medicine means not heating any part above 188 degrees, which we stick to with our method.” Almost as if in a passing thought, he offered up this side note. 
    “I believe everyone should eat a raw Cannabis plant a day, or at least a raw plant extract.”
   The raw CO2 is available at collectives across Washington and comes in discrete packaging that feels professional. Batches are tested through Analytical 360, and information is available online and through the packaging. The CO2 applicators also have a stainless steel tip, making medicating easy and limiting product waste. 

co2organicsuse2.jpgAs a reminder for dabbers, the metal tip should not be touched directly to a hot nail — instead a slight gap above will allow the oil to flow smoothly into vaporization. The regular oils can also be added to a variety of portable vaporizers without any chemical cut, and the smoke and flavor released is both smooth and potent. When dabbed, the experience is quality and works with all platforms.
The company also has a new line of vapor cartridges coming out, under the Happy Cat logo, with two blends of mixture agents. One is a traditional propylene glycol mixture and the other is an organic blend that doesn’t contain potentially harmful chemicals. While the company and industry is confident in PEG/Cannabis blends in cartridges, it wants to offer the organic option for those who are extremely health conscious.
     The team behind the product is so connected to the plants and process that they even spend time in the garden outside of normal maintenance duties.
    “We sit with our plants at night and meditate and try to find a connection between the medicine and us. It’s all about the positive energy.”

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