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Device of the month: Horns

August 09, 2013 | WES ABNEY

Bubbler by Chris Dragovich, $1000

device1august.jpgThis rig is all about function and a nice smooth toke, but even more important to Chris are the aesthetics and flow.

The big bubbler took about 10 hours to make, using 32 individual pre-made parts to assemble. The unique color application he used is known as “encalmo,” in which he pre built all the color into what’s known as “encalmo cups.”

Next, he stacked and stuck all the cups together, creating the nice smooth bands in color going vertically up that also help give the piece the traditional Sherlock bubbler shape with his own special twist. 

One of Chris’ primary focuses has been curls, horns, carving of the horns and flow. It breaks apart from the traditional Sherlock that everyone recognizes, and allows him to be creative. 

He told Northwest Leaf that he is a firm believer that less is more with color, and it shows in the way he tried to present it simply, with only a few crisp clean colors. 

The piece represents Chris’ focus on attention to detail without it becoming overwhelming. Ultimately, he dedicates a lot of energy within the creative process to having a balance between shape and color, so one does not take away from the other. 

For more information visit:
Instagram chrisdragsglass

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