Dispensary Review: Dr. Jolly's

February 04, 2017 | WillFerguson

Inside the doors of Bend, OR's Dr. Jolly's. Shop photos by Nate Williams. Review photos by Daniel Berman.


Strains - 5/5

The selection at Dr. Jolly’s was incredibly impressive. Three display stations allow multiple customers to look at the current flower offerings. Everything is grown organically in-house by @SteelheadOrganics and @WeGrowRoots, making this some of the cleanest flower in Bend. Prices range from $8-$11/g before tax.

Edibles - 4/5

Edibles were well-stocked on my recent visit. Grön bars, in-house taffy, canna sugar and other medicated foods were available. Dr. Jolly’s has a licensed, in-house kitchen that will soon pump out new products for the shelves. It was nice to see a good selection of 50mg edibles available for recreational consumers as well.

Concentrates - 5/5

Once again, the extract selection at Dr. Jolly’s was very impressive. Over 25 strains of extracts were neatly displayed in a clear glass case. Live resins, Zombie Resins, Nugruns, and trim runs were all available for no more than $50/g. All extractions are processed in-house as well to guarantee quality and affordability.


Environment - 5/5

Both the waiting room and medicine room at Dr. Jolly’s are very spacious. Three display stations allow for a quick flow of customers with minimal wait time. All of the staff are very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable; there wasn’t one question that couldn’t be answered in detail.

Overall - 19/20

Dr. Jolly’s is one of the best dispensaries in Bend. Located right off SE 3rd Street in downtown, this OLCC-licensed dispensary offers high quality meds for some of the lowest prices we’ve seen. Whether you need flower, edibles, concentrates or topicals, Dr. Jolly’s has you covered.

DR. JOLLY'S  med/rec 21+ 

415 SE 3rd St. Bend, OR 97702

(541) 508-2708


night-terror-score.jpgNight Terror OG was a strain that I’m not too familiar with. These particular variety were grown in a light-deprivation greenhouse using organic nutrients. The buds are dense and covered in rather large trichomes. The nose is a slight lemon funk, with a sweet creamy note on the back end. Burning a few joints of this strain reveals a smooth smoke and clean flush as the ash burns a pure white color all the way to the end of the joint. The effects are rather lethargic and sedative, much like the taffy. Smoking this after work had me anxiety-free for the rest of the night! It’s perfect for those desiring a mellow, relaxing high to help combat anxiety. ($10/g)


indica-taffy-score.jpgDr. Jolly’s carries a variety of sativa and indica-enhanced taffies in different flavors. I ate one of the indica-enhanced medical taffies — medical and recreational doses are available for a compassionate price. After about 45 minutes, I started to feel an intense sedative high that took over my whole body. The taffy was perfect for my night full of TV and snacks; I wouldn’t recommend ingesting this before being active. The high lasted for about three hours, which ended in me falling asleep cuddling a bag of Chex Mix. Needless to say, this powerful taffy can easily be dosed into smaller increments. ($12)

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