Dispensary Review: Floyd's Cannabis Co.

June 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Floyd's is the place to go whether just passing through or if you're looking for a consistent stop on the north end. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Strains - 5/5

A tasty and right priced option for every type of consumer on the shelf. A nice selection of $25 eighths from companies such as Kush Valley and Cheap Thrills, with great values and strains flavors like Thin Mint and Black Cherry Soda. There’s also a solid selection of $10 to $15 grams from producers like Phat Panda, Fine Detail Greenway, Rogue Raven, Moani Naturals and more. With a tasty selection of pre-rolls too, everything you could need for flower is here and at competitive prices.

Edibles - 4/5

Quality options at fair prices for whatever your munchies needs are. We saw the normal roundup of baked goods, candies and drinks from companies like Magic Kitchen, Winterlife, Evergreen Herbal and Green Baker. We definitely liked seeing CBD tincture for only $33 per bottle, NWCS 100mg capsule packs for $25, and 250mg CBD relief tincture from Ethos. Prices are fair, there’s a solid choice of truly good brands, and you won’t be disappointed by the edibles lineup here.

Concentrates - 4/5

The selection here is well rounded, with again solid pricing and options for all needs. The first thing we noticed was RSO/Full Extract Cannabis Oil, a highly medicinal product, starting at $30 a gram. For dabbers, BHO grams start at just $20, though we recommend looking at the $30 and up shelf. We saw a lot of cartridges, distillate, keif, CO2 and Cannabis caviars, all rounding out a quality selection with a ton of great brands and strains to sample.


Environment - 5/5

Floyd’s shines from this little green building in Sedro-Woolley. You can feel the positive energy as soon as you enter the store, and the happy and friendly budtenders are always ready to help find the right products for a consumer’s needs. A small town pot store with competitive pricing and a cultivated selection of products, we definitely liked the feel and delivery at this location.

Overall - 18/20

This is the type of Mom and Pop weed store that people in non-legal states dream about visiting. With a small town vibe, friendly staff, and a comfortable environment, Floyd’s Cannabis Co. is the place to go whether just passing through or if you’re looking for a consistent stop on the north end. Stop by, say high, give the wheel of discounts a spin and see what they have to offer for your next trip to the dispensary!


rec 21

Floyd's Cannabis Co.

410 W State St, 

Sedro-Woolley, WA

(360) 588-4473



This flower is a truly spectacular representation of the Strawberry Banana genetics, a euphoric and fast onset sativa strain that delivers impeccable taste, flavor and a solid high. Opening a jar of this beautiful bud reveals a cloud of warm strawberry banana flavor reminiscent of Trix yogurt, but with a sharp piney earthiness background that really rounds out the flavor profile. The smoke is all sweet forward, with the pine and wood notes on the exhale tickling the palate with a sweet exhale. 22.8% THC // ($45/3.5g)


Just like the name says, these Snickerdoodles are a soft and delicious treat and one of the best baked goods we have had in 502. Each cookie is individually wrapped inside a nicely packaged box, and the cookies are the perfect size to have one, or three. The cookies are soft with a light moistness and a great mouthfeel with each bite. Tasty and wonderfully baked, these cookies are a treat worth trying. ($18, 3x | 10mg THC & 10mg CBD)

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