Dispensary Review: Main Street Marijuana

April 01, 2017 | SimoneFischer

A review of Vancouver, WA's Main Street Marijuana dispensary. Photos by Simone Fischer.


Strains - 4/5

Main Street Marijuana is a dispensary located in Vancouver, Washington right off I-5. With almost 1,400 store items, you’re bound to find something you like. Back when Cannabis was legalized in Oregon, I thought places like Main Street would take a big hit profit-wise once Portland shops began to open up. Boy, was I wrong. Strain selection and price points keep Oregonians coming back for more.

Edibles - 5/5

The edible selection also seems boundless. I can find any sort of confection or candy, but they also have a great stock of full-extract oil for patients like myself. There is no medical system in Washington, so no discounts or tax breaks for patients.

Concentrates - 4/5

You can find an excellent gram of live resin for less than $40. I’m starting to see why so many Oregonians’ venture over the bridge to save a lot of money on dabs, vape cartridges and distillates. Washington current does not test for pesticides in flower or concentrates. Medical patients should be wary and stick to the Oregon market to ensure your meds are pesticide-free. 


Environment - 4/5

After I was carded at the door, everything was in one room. Oregon makes shops have a door between the entry and budroom. I really liked their original art murals on the walls. I felt at home across the river being surrounded by all forms of weed and street art. The budtending team was diverse, kind and helpful. I can tell they can handle anyone from a green newbie to a wook. 

Overall - 17/20

If you’re looking for your one-stop-shop pot store that can easily fit your budget, and don’t mind the product isn’t tested for pesticides, this might be the shop for you. The staff is gracious and very willing to show you e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g they have in stock. I interviewed the manager Mitch and told him how I thought shops in Vancouver would tank once Oregon was up and running. He laughed and told me they were expecting to take a hit, but it hasn’t really affected business. It makes sense when you have an insane amount of product diversity set at very competitive prices. If you’re stuck in Vancouver, spend your time and money here. 


Rec 21+

Main Street Marijuana

2314 Main St, Vancouver, WA

8a-11p Daily

(360) 828-7737

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