Dispensary Review: Natural Wonders

December 02, 2015 | WillFerguson

A review of our recent visit to SE Portland's Natural Wonders.


Strains - 5/5

If high-quality flower is your medicine of choice, Natural Wonders has you covered with strains such as Mob Boss, Secret Cash, Jack Flash and Pinkleberry Kush from farmers such as Pig Farm Organics, Green Source Gardens and Herbivore Farms. Patients and rec customers alike will be more than satisfied with the selection. A variety of strains are also available in nitrogen-sealed cans, which allows the consumer to have farm-fresh Cannabis whenever they decide to open it.

Edibles - 4/5

The medible selection at Natural Wonders includes a nice variety of liquids Portlanders will be sure to enjoy like cold brew coffee! Some of the products include Dirty Arm Farm’s Lean Back Sizzurp, Echo Electuary’s medicated raw honey and Delta 9 Confections’ medicated caramel popcorn. A variety of canna coconut oil caps were available as well.

Concentrates - 5/5

Natural Wonders has one of the largest concentrate selections in greater Portland. Concentrates are neatly displayed on a large backlit lightbox, which allows patients to get a good look at each extract before making a choice. Owners Jackson and Hannah ensure the shelves are consistently stocked with some of the best solvent extractions from some of the best solvent extractors in Oregon. Patients can consistently find Trillium Extracts and Regis Philburn/Echo Gardens collabs in good supply.


Environment - 5/5

The shop boasts both a spacious waiting room and nicely organized medicine room in order to increase patient comfort. Friendly budtenders are eager to help consumers pick what’s right for them and the owners, Jackson and Hannah, are in pretty much every day answering questions and making sure things are going as smooth as possible.

Overall - 19/20

Natural Wonders is located right in the heart of the SE on Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. Just off Hawthorne and 39th. Parking can sometimes be difficult as there is no designated lot, but the street adjacent to the dispensary (SE Madison) had many available spots on our visit.



scooby-snacks-score.jpgScooby Snacks is a cross of Dogwalker OG and Pie Face. This pheno, grown by Pig Farm Organics, seems to be leaning heavily on the Dogwalker side. When we popped the lid off the jar, we noticed the Dogwalker terpene profile complemented by a sweet smell on the end from the Pie Face. The buds are relatively dense and are coated in trichomes and electric orange pistils. We enjoyed this flower in an organic Raw cone and were very pleased with the taste and smoothness. About 20 minutes after smoking the joint, we found ourselves raiding the fridge for anything we could find to eat, making this strain ideal for patients needing to increase their appetite. ($14/g)


tsu-goo-live-resin-score.jpgTsu-Goo is a “full spectrum” mix run of Swiss Tsunami and Mendo Afgoo. The flowers were carefully cultivated by Echo Gardens before they made it to the extractor of Regis Philburn. This extract has an incredibly light, transparent color that almost makes it look invisible as it blends into the parchment. The extract is one of the most stable live resins we have ever experienced and has an incredibly piney nose to it. We took a few low-temp dabs off a clean rig with a quartz banger to ensure we got the best flavor possible. The pinene flavor really carries through in the taste as well, making us think this mix was Afgoo-dominant. The cherry myrcene flavor from the CBD Swiss Tsunami make a brief appearance on the exhale of the dab but really goes to work effect-wise. The combination of the effects from the Mendo Afgoo and Swiss Tsunami makes for an incredibly sedative dab that is ideal for patients looking for pain relief, appetite stimulation and nausea elimination. This is some of the cleanest-tasting BHO we had the pleasure of trying and we look forward to more Regis Philburn/Echo Garden flavors in the future. ($35/0.5g)


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