Dispensary Review: Portland Homegrown Apothecary

August 06, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Matthew Meyers takes us inside the doors of NE Portland's Homegrown Apothecary.


Strains - 4/5

A variety of organically cultivated flowers line the shelves in vintage glass jars. Primarily cultivated by the in-house farm Endless Organics, they also feature a few other carefully selected cultivars such as Nicely Grown, Dicot Farms and Canna Co. Flowers range in prices from $10 to $15 per gram after tax.

Edibles - 5/5

You can’t help but notice the huge edible selection including Peak Extracts, She Don’t Know, Med with Love and Mr. Moxies to name a few. Edibles range in price from $5 to $33 each. Homegrown Apothecary also offers a wide range of tinctures from both Ancient Herb Medicinals and Cascadia Herbals ranging from $40 to $70 after tax.

Concentrates - 3/5

If you’re looking for RSO you’ve come to the right place. Most shops will pick one brand of RSO to stock. Homegrown Apothecary carries six different types of RSO, including one of its in-house brands Naked Extracts. Vapor cartridge options are available from Green Dragon and Select Strain. Unfortunately, dabbable options were limited to just a few choice selections from Dab Society. Concentrate prices vary from $36 to $90 after tax.


Environment - 5/5

Homegrown apothecary is a cozy little house that will make any Portlander feel right at home. A waiting room is elegantly decorated and filled with non-Cannabis herbs and tinctures to supplement any Cannabis and maximize medicinal potential. Once checked in, you walk down a little hallway to a back room where all the products are displayed in antique glass jars. Knowledgeable and friendly budtenders make the experience feel informative, intimate and smooth.

Overall - 17/20

This ornate shop in Northeast Portland fully deserves to be known as an apothecary, and features a warm and friendly aesthetic that focuses on herbs and a variety of holistic healing choices.


recreational 21+

1937 NE Pacific Street

Open 11a-8p Daily

(503) 232-1716


homegrown-apothecary-cbd-master-blend-score.jpg170mg CBD The Feel Well CBD Master Blend is an herbal blend made for health. With CBD, ginger root, turmeric, white willow bark and more, this tincture is a daily supplement that is likely to boost immune strength and overall health. While the taste isn’t that great (tinctures are renowned for being bitter), this is potent and effective medicine. ($70 | 2-ounce bottle)


homegrown-apothecary-hawaiin-trainwreck-score.jpg10% THC, 13% CBD This tasty strain provided me a perfect balance of body effect and relaxation and mental psychoactivity to get me in the mood for working and writing when mixed with a nice cup of coffee. Its dense buds have a mix of a strawberry and cherry aroma. I smoked the Hawaiian Trainwreck through a clean bubbler. The smoke was incredibly smooth! I got a profile of sweet pineapple mixed with sage when exhaled. The 1:1 ratio keeps you relatively clear minded while providing great relief through its body buzz. I’d recommend the Hawaiian Trainwreck for a lunchtime relief break, after work relaxation or any kind of physical work. ($16/gram)

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