Dispensary Review: Portland's Paradise Found

September 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Inside NE Portland's Paradise Found


Strains - 4/5

Paradise Found had a nice selection of top shelf and budget strains available for the wide array of customers seen each day. The shop is beautifully laid out, with clean illuminated display cases that house all the strains. Clementine, Lemon Meringue, Black Lime Reserve and Cheesequake were a few of the cultivars available from vendors such as Avitas, Pistil Point and Greenway Ventures.

Edibles - 4/5

The edible section offered up a nice variety of goodies, including medicated gummies, cookies, taffy, CBD espresso beans and even infused water. Each edible was neatly displayed in a glass case with the price, including tax, labeled on the package. It would be nice to see a larger selection of edible inventory, as many consumers have dietary restrictions and cannot ingest some of the ingredients used in those products. 

Concentrates - 4/5

The display case was filled to the brim when we stopped by Paradise Found. We spotted Avitas CO2 cartridges, Hush BHO and one of the largest 
selections of strain-specific concentrates. Sidenote: the menu is mostly focused on vapor cartridges and less so dabbables. Price points were competitive thanks to the large inventory, allowing them to reduce pricing across the board. 


Environment - 5/5

One of the first things I noticed and loved about Paradise Found was its two identical entrances located on either side of the building. This gives consumers easy access, whether they are traveling on Halsey or Weidler Street. The medicine room is spacious, well lit and inviting. Large display cases filled with rigs and accessories line the back wall with plans to add even more. 

Overall - 17/20

Paradise Found is a convenient stop, traveling into or out of the city, located just off the Halsey Street exit on I-84. Competitive price points and a knowledgeable friendly staff make this shop worth the drive. 


10735 NE Halsey St, Portland
Facebook: WelcometoParadisefound
Open 8am-10pm daily
(971) 803-7172​


24.21% THC / 3.30% CBD Lemon Meringue is a tasty cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream bred by Exotic Genetix. The buds are a dark purple hue and are covered in a dense blanket of amber trichomes. Smells of lemon tart, lime and grapefruit hit the palate first followed by a creamy undertone. Grinding up the buds releases a more pungent lemon smell that fills the house within seconds. A few joints of this flower had me feeling uplifted, euphoric and relaxed. The synonymous relationship between the uplifting and relaxing effects make this strain a great option for daytime smoke or at the end of the day to unwind. Each hit burns to a clean white ash, as no feedings were applied late in flower.  ($16.50/g)


21.18% THC / 3.30% CBD This strain has the look of the classic Girl Scout Cookies and the smell of a ripe orange. Each bud is dark purple and carries a citrus heavy aroma that is surprising given the color tones of this cultivar. The nugs are dense and well cured making it manageable to break up by hand. I smoked a small joint followed by a bowl and honestly wasn’t too impressed with the flavor or cleanliness of the smoke. Each hit was rather harsh as the ash did not burn completely white after each hit. It seems like more attention could be paid to nutrient feedings, and flush times to achieve a cleaner burning ash and smoke. The effect is a nice balance between uplifting and sedating, making it a great choice to wind down the evening with. ($16.50/g)

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