Dispensary Review: Talent Health Club

January 08, 2016 | WES ABNEY

A review of Talent, OR's Talent Health Club


Strains - 5/5

The strains here are local and focused on quality, making for a great patient or recreational experience. There are two different areas for med/rec, with sample jars containing delicious smells for all. The flower comes prepackaged, making for quick and easy trips, and all of it is tasty. We especially liked the Grapefruit by TJ’s Organic, which was sour and sharp and covered in crystals, and the Jack Velvet Soda by Sun Green Gardens, which has a sweet front and tickles the nose pleasantly. There are many more quality strains than we can name, so check them out for yourself.

Edibles - 3/5

The selection of edibles is solid here, with a moderate pick of quality choices that isn’t overwhelming. Most are locally made with consistently good potency and flavor. We saw THC and CBD capsules, plus CBD Agave Elixir and Sizurp syrup for patients looking for an easy-to-digest option. Try some of the tasty items like cold brew medicated coffee and Grassworks caramels for those wanting something sweet. Lunchbox Alchemy squibs and snack mixes were spotted alongside taffy and Cheeba Chews. Lifted infused coffee beans? Hmm. 

Concentrates - 5/5

The case overflows with top-shelf options fairly priced and with an emphasis on quality. The best-looking oil available was the Dirty Arm Live Resin, but we were extremely tempted by the BHO and Live Resin options from Benson Elvis for a $40 per gram price. Dreadneck and Lunchbox Alchemy both had solid PHO options, and for CO2 there were products from The CO2 Company, Pop Naturals, Om Extracts and Evolved Pens. Don’t miss 50 percent THC bubble hash for $20 per gram, a great price for budget or solventless lovers. 


Environment - 5/5

Walking inside Talent Health Club is a fun and energetic experience, with high ceilings and friendly staff to help find medicine or recreational Cannabis for customers. The walls are covered in cool art and easy-to-read pricing menus. All the products are spaced out in brightly lit cases in a thoughtful pattern that make choosing the right product easy. All the flower is prepackaged, making a quick trip possible, and sample jars of flower ensure that those who want to take their time will get it. 

Overall - 18/20

This dispensary is a gem in a small town and worth checking out for locals and tourists alike. The medicine is top-shelf, thoughtfully selected and all at a fair price. The dispensary is also Clean Green certified, ensuring that the medicine offered is at the highest quality and without pesticides or harmful chemicals. We definitely recommend stopping by and checking out all they have to offer. As a patient or as an enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed.



sour-kush-score.jpgThis hybrid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush is a pleasurable daytime strain with tons of medicinal properties. The potent high from this 29 percent THC strain is perfect for pain, depression or a rainy winter day without clouding the mind like heavier indica strains. We found a clear and focused energy with pleasant euphoria that lasted for several hours, with a mild comedown that made another bowl a simple choice. The smoke is mellow and sour on intake, and finishes with sweet notes that linger on the palate. We power-smoked this strain for hours, and enjoyed a well-balanced and fun high. Check out more from Phoenix Rising Farm, including a stellar 818 Headband. ($14/g)


lemon-skunk-live-resin-score.jpgSimply put, this is the best Live Resin we have seen in a very long time. Talent Health Club keeps it in the freezer to preserve the stability, as it gets a little sappy at room temp, but that is by no means a bad thing. The smell released by this oil is huge, with loud lemon and skunk notes that fill a room. The flavor when dabbed is tremendous and the vapor is easy on the lungs, allowing for a slow and sweet exhale that maximizes flavor. Effects are super heady, gripping the third eye and releasing deep pleasure and euphoria while putting the body into couch-lock mode. This is a very heavy high and is best for when relaxing is on the agenda. Check this oil out before it’s gone and look for Dirty Arm Farm options at your local dispensary. ($30/0.5g)


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