Dispensary Review: The Vault Spokane

May 06, 2017 | WES ABNEY

A review of Spokane, WA's The Vault Spokane.


Strains - 5/5

The Vault features a wide selection of strains arranged in a user-friendly layout, and each package in the cases has an easy to read information card. This makes window shopping fun, and there are a lot of producers to choose from. We saw Phat Panda, Dama, Sticky Budz, Buddy Boy, Gold Leaf Gardens, Black Label and many others. There’s also a hearty selection of pre-rolls, meaning that there is something here for everyone in the flower department.

Edibles - 3/5

A smaller variety of edibles and topicals than expected was available, but there was still a solid showing of products. We saw cookies and cocktail mixers from Winterlife, Legal Soda, tasty candy and treats from GaGa, and options from Verdeluxe. We did like seeing that the couple tincture and topical options were all quality and fairly priced. Brands included Fairwinds line of tinctures and lotions, as well as Ethos.

Concentrates - 5/5

There were tasty flavors from Chipper Gardens, Rogue Raven, Live Resin from Loud, Gaga and more. We also liked how the cartridges felt equally important to the normal concentrate options, instead of tucked back on a shelf like some stores do. There were options from Optimum, Phat Panda, Loud, Liberty Reach and more. We also appreciated seeing DAMA’s classic Full Extract Cannabis Oil (aka Rick Simpson Oil), a great option for consumers requiring heavy treatments.


Environment - 5/5

The Vault feels nothing like the name might conjure, but instead is a gleaming and open space that feels comfortable and emphasizes the wide variety of products available. Moving through the store, the staff are friendly and helpful and the experience feels like a higher end boutique than your typical pot shop. 

Overall - 18/20

This shop has taken years of medical Cannabis experience and used that to cultivate a high-end retail establishment that stands out on every level. This connoisseur and mindful approach to a store has paid off, with a look, feel and selection that make it a great place for customers to stop by. Whether locally or on a trip to Spokane, stopping in at The Vault is highly recommended. They also have a sister store in Snohomish County off Highway 9 for folks on the west side of the mountains to try them out!


rec 21

213 E. Sprague Ave.

Spokane, WA

(509) 315-9262


Oleum’s Sugar Resin is a dry crumble with a sharp smell of pine and a light earthiness. The resin’s consistency is great for dabbing, with beautiful chunks of golden wax. White is known for heavy indica effects and rich flavors with warm deep woodsy smells, and it carries through into the oil. The vapor is thick and earthy, but light on the lungs, with a mild cough and a warming sensation that creeps from the lungs into the body. Very clean and clear, this Sugar Resin is a delight with small or big dabs. ($45/g)


Solid chunky buds with beautiful crystal coverage and a frosty look. Pulling open a bag releases a sharp and pungent odor that quickly fills a room. Leading with a bright piney fuel that tickles the nose and makes the eyes crinkle, it is followed by a heavy earthy berry flavor that lingers in the background. Smoking reveals a complex sweet and sour flavor that is extremely tasty in a joint or out of a water pipe. The smoke has hints of sage, berries, light notes of chocolate and cinnamon mixed in with a fuel-like front. This Cinderella’s Dream is complex, a great high, and definitely worth trying. ($40, 3.5g)

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