Dispensary Review: Vessel

March 02, 2017 | WillFerguson

A review of NW Portland's Vessel.


Strains - 4/5

Vessel is a recreational Cannabis dispensary, located in Northwest Portland, just a few blocks from the Pearl District. The storefront is rather small, however a large selection of strains was available at multiple price points. All prices have tax included, as Vessel does not offer tax-free medicine to patients, which is disappointing as they previously operated as a medical dispensary.

Edibles - 3/5

Many edible companies are still making the transition to the recreational market, giving dispensaries slim options for variety. Grön CBD and THC chocolate bars were available in multiple flavors.

Concentrates - 3/5

The only concentrates that were available when we stopped in were select strain cartridges and a couple of distillate syringes. Vessel is actively looking to shelf more extracts when possible.


Environment - 5/5

This is a rather small dispensary. However, they are fully ADA accessible and able to cater to multiple customers. The medicine room reveals a modern design vibe that flows well with the space. 

Overall - 15/20

Vessel is Portland’s first Clean Green Certified recreational Cannabis dispensary. All the flowers, extracts and edibles shelved are sustainably produced in licensed facilities. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful budtenders make the experience a positive one.

Rec 21+

1979 NW Vaughn St. Portland, OR

(503) 410-7396 /



rude-boi-og-score.jpgRude Boi OG, bred by Archive Seed Bank, has a unique terpene profile that is unlike any other OG phenotype I have experienced. The buds from this cultivar were rather small, but well manicured and properly cured. A few bowls were smoked and each burned to a pure white ash. Effects are calming and relaxing, but not overly tiring. I recommend this strain to unwind in the evenings or before a cat nap. ($16/g)


honey-bucket-score.jpgHoney Bucket was new to me as I’ve only seen it at Vessel’s. Popping the container reveals a sweet, piney scent that is somewhat reminiscent of raw honey. The buds are dense and rather small, perfect for rolling joints up to smoke. The flavor is complex and reminds me of a rotten tangerine. The smoke was a little harsh and lung expansive as I felt the urge to cough almost every hit. The potent effects are relaxing, yet functional as I felt focused after smoking a few bowls. ($12/g)

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