Event Recap: Indo Expo 2016

September 07, 2016 | WES ABNEY

The Indo Expo made its first trip to Portland last month with a successful convention blending all the best aspects of the Cannabis industry. Photos by Daniel Berman.


indo-expo-2016-quote1.jpgWith over 150 booths and companies represented, the trade floor at the Expo Center was packed to the corners with bright and colorful trade show setups. The first day of the show had access for business owners and industry representatives only, making for an extremely productive and business-oriented day. Vendors and attendees alike enjoyed the ability to interact on a business-to-business level without the usual crowded feeling of mixed-use events. This personal and friendly approach to a trade show put relationships and the experience first, and booths reported solid sales numbers while networking opportunities abounded.

Day two of the event brought the general public out to the show, mixing the crowd and the vibe. With hundreds of products to look over and purchase, the consumer day was a big hit amongst attendees. Attendees also had a variety of seminars to choose from, including speakers on growing techniques, business practices and more. We enjoyed seeing a wide variety of products for sale that are useful for the four-plant gardener or 4,000, like the Fast Green hand cleaner and a huge variety of nutrients and plant amendment companies. 

We also saw a wide variety of seed companies, had fun watching the folks at Sasquatch Rosin Press squirting flower all weekend and a ton of new ways to package or vape oils and flowers. Also present were CBD companies like GEMM Farms and Honey B tinctures with 500mg of hemp CBD.

All in all, Indo Expo was the most professional and well-rounded Cannabis trade show to date in the Oregon market, and we can’t wait for the next one! The Expo returns to its hometown of Denver in January, and will come back to Portland next summer for round two of this exciting event. For more information check out our social media channels and


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