Event Recap: Online Marijuana Design Mixer

October 03, 2016 | WES ABNEY

Connecting the industry. (September 1, 2016 at Columbia Tower, Seattle). Photos by OMD.


omd-quote1.jpgThe mood was high at the Online Marijuana Design mixer last month, with Cannabis business owners and local celebrities alike mingling in Seattle’s tallest tower.

In spite of the 24/7 pace of the industry, especially heading into croptober, the mixer was a great way for companies to blow off a little steam and to come together in fun and entrepreneurial spirit. Over 100 companies were represented in the Columbia Tower Club, sharing drinks, delicious appetizers and conversation. For Jared Mirsky, owner of OMD and creator of the event, bringing business owners together is what drives him to host the event.

“I think an event like this needs to exist for Cannabis businesses because there just isn’t one, and the opportunity doesn’t often exist for business owners and decision makers to really talk,” he said. “The quality of people has always been where it needs to be, looking to attract and throw an event where business owners can coexist with other business owners and really create beautiful engagement and potentially transactions. It’s always an amazing thing.”

The third annual event this year was sponsored by Leafly, Print West, Headset, The Evergreen Market and Leaf Nation. Dozens more companies came from the Northwest and guests flew in from all over the country to enjoy the networking and the views. 

Companies at the show included Montel Williams’ new Cannabis venture, the president and CEO of Leafly, Greg James from Marijuana Venture and James Zachadoni of DOPE magazine, Cheryl Shuman, not to mention dozens of producer/processors and retailers like Top Shelf and CO2 Organics. 

The best part of the event was the attitude of camaraderie, something that is often missing from the Cannabis industry.

“What we want to do for our clients is create an environment where they can lean on and network with like-minded business people,” Mirsky said. 

“When I look at competitors, with respect to Cannabis, there’s gonna be competition, but there’s also room for partnership, and OMD grew because we knew that building relationships was key to success not only for business but for the industry as a whole.” 

But rather than just thinking of the event as an opportunity for drama, Mirsky said it actually makes solid sense.

“I figure get everyone in a room, create a good environment with a fun vibe and a few drinks and everyone has a good time.”

In years past, the Columbia Tower staff had to resort to flipping lights on and off to clear out the guests, and this round was no different. 

The volume and quality of conversation carried late into the night, and nobody left the party without learning something or taking a new contact home for business.

“I love being able to connect people. That’s what’s made us valuable to our clients. I just want to help, to see people succeed, to see people grow. And I know everything will come around full circle.”

Check out Online Marijuana Design on social media for more photos of the event and to get more information about the next OMD mixer!

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