Exploring Cannassentials

April 01, 2017 | WillFerguson

Touring an organic craft Cannabis garden outside Eugene. Photos by Nate Williams.


Cannassentials is an OLCC licensed tier 2 producer that specializes in organic craft Cannabis. The farm is located near Veneta, Oregon which is about 15 miles west of Eugene. Two climate controlled greenhouses make up most of the canopy space, with the exception of a shade grown plot that is reserved for the summer season. 

Both greenhouses were built by hand, by the Cannassentials crew, with parts ordered and assembled from all over the world. The drying rooms at the farm were unique as well. Four environmentally controlled pods at the front of the facility ensured that every plant harvested was dried and cured to its desired moisture content. Strains such as Orange Haze, Blue City Diesel, Sour Kush and Girl Scout Cookie were all a few weeks into flower when we strolled through the first greenhouse.


Their Orange Haze, Dope Cup 2016 best medical nose, was reaching for the lights standing at about 8 to 9 feet tall and had razor thin fan leaves. Cannassentials utilizes a living soil system that takes organics to a whole new level. 

The use of Korean Natural Farming techniques, such as feeding fruit and plant ferments, really takes the quality up a notch. All the flowers at Cannassentials are carefully hand-trimmed by a skilled, detail oriented crew. 


“Having a team that feels appreciated and compensated for their hard work is crucial to success — we pay our trimmers and gardeners some of the highest wages in the industry,” Co-owner Myron Chadowitz said. 

Toward the end of the tour, we were fortunate enough to sample some of the flower that had been harvested a few weeks prior. Tropical Punch and Sour Kush were two of our favorites, capturing both ends of the flavor spectrum. 

The CBDiscovery team just finished processing a few of the farm’s staple strains, which should be hitting shelves in the coming weeks. 

Cannassentials Flower is currently available in Eugene and Portland at select OLCC retailers.



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