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February 2014 Micro Strains

February 02, 2014 | BobMontoya

Exploring the potent origins of local growers' B.C. Kush and RJ47.

Each month we’ll highlight growers crafting strains with the goal of helping specific needs, not necessarily obtaining the highest yields

Growing your own medicine as I said last month is not a simple task. With new regulations limiting what a patient can grow, one must be as efficient as possible if there is to be any hope to save money on medications and be self-sufficient. I went out over the last month in search of private patients who are indeed successful at maintaining a level of wellness under current regulations. I’ve used initials to protect patient privacy. 


BC Kush is a Micro Version of the popular Vanilla Kush of 2009 fame. Each strain has a genetic “best case scenario” environmental requirement. If you stray from what the plant likes you get results that may vary.
     BC grows indoors with high pressure lights, cocoa husk, and organic ingredients. He has good control over the factors that make or break success indoors. BC has been adjusting these factors to get the max yield and potency for a strain that he uses to be  “well.” As a retired disabled veteran he has, like so many others, myriad ailments brought on by the rigors of military service. He won’t pin down one single thing he uses it for, saying only “it makes me feel good all over,” and that is enough to be able to live life without poisonous chemicals commonly prescribed for a wide variety of ailments and conditions. From Kashmir and Pakistani roots, the bud can render a potent 20 percent THC under ideal conditions.


RJ47 is a variation of the old reliable AK47 that has been tamed here in the Pacific Northwest over the last two years of phenomenal outdoor growing seasons. Using only sun, earth and water, RJ has resorted to letting nature decide the results of the harvest. 
     Most comfortable in Colombia or Mexico the plant has to compensate to flower and finish in a shorter light cycle. This has rendered RJ47, a version that does not have the super high euphoric effect of its southern growing cousins, but still a powerful bronchial dilator that he uses to keep his COPD at bay. It is a 20/80 Sativa-dominant hybrid that can lean to the Indica side given certain conditions.
     Both patients have had failures resulting in not having meds for periods of time without going to a collective. It is important that patients be able to designate a trusted professional to provide their medications, whether that is a flower or other concentrate, until every home has a garden.

Bob Montoya is a medical marijuana patient from Olympia, Wash. and a regular contributor to Northwest Leaf.

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