GG4 Full Melt Ice Wax Review

September 06, 2017 | WillFerguson

Permaculture Solutions x Nelson & Company. Available From Alternative Remedies


gg4-quote.jpgOregon’s first recreational water hash comes in the form of a stellar collaboration between Permaculture Solutions and Nelson & Company. This 70 micron Gorilla Glue #4 smells like fresh burnt rubber when the jar is first cracked.

Strong scents of black pepper were noticed as well when the hash became a little warmer in temperature and started to grease up.

I’ve learned the most flavor and melt comes from dabs that are pre-pressed well, allowing the trichome glands to melt together as one. When dabbed, the concentrate left little to no char behind melting just like BHO, but without the solvents.

The high starts behind the eyes with a euphoric and uplifting effect that lasts for the first few minutes. The body effects begin to creep in a bit later, which left me feeling relaxed, pain free and functional as I could do a few chores around the house.

I would suggest this concentrate to consumers looking for a tasty, solventless option that is competitive with the price of solvent extractions.

gg4-score.jpgThe Permaculture solutions crew recently opened a shop just off SE Flavel and 82nd Street which will exclusively carry the first batches of recreational hash and rosin.

Look for more solventless concentrates to hit the shelves at Alternative Remedies soon, as a big wash for OLCC producer Ten Four Farms was underway.

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