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Glass Art of the Month: March 2017

March 01, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

Lumberjack Dream & Hunter In Fall by Swan Glass x Tacoma Brian. Photo by Daniel Berman


These two sets represent parts of our Northwest heritage and history from our logging roots to the early hunters of the region. These collaborations seemed like a perfect way to mesh our personal styles of work. Swan makes these great plaid sections and we figured right away that they would look great beside some of the woodgrain sections I’ve been working on. There are so many cool features to these pieces from hidden UV elements to rare colors like brown gun mounts and hand-mixed colors. My favorite part of the set is the attention to theme. We got to go into this with intention and it shows as they’re some of the most concept-driven pieces I’ve been a part of so far. 

-Tacoma Brian

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