Hemp Issue 2017: Hemp Producers

October 07, 2017 | NORTHWEST LEAF

By Nate Williams and Wes Abney. Photos by Daniel Berman, Samuel Wilson, and Kelli Murphy.


Irie CBD was founded in 2015 in California and is a multifaceted and vertically integrated hemp company. They farm and process hemp into an array of topical, edible and vape-able products. Locally, the company has a farm in Scio and sources a significant portion of the material from this property.

The company is best known for its Hemp CBD Isolate (review pg. 66) which has been a wildly popular product since launching. All Irie CBD products are made without the use of butane or other chemical solvents, and exclusively use medical grade CO2 in a super critical extraction machine.

Irie CBD generously donates a product for every two products sold through a program called The 2:1 Giving Program. Irie CBD prioritizes those facing a health crisis or medical condition known to respond to CBD nutritional support and are taking requests for donations through their website and email:


Oregon Fusion’s farm is found on a beautiful property in Boring, Oregon. The company grows and processes hemp and aims to create a diverse selection of products for consumers worldwide. Owner and founder Adam Kurtz, relocated to Oregon from New York after successful careers in both the fresh cut flower and commercial photography industries.

After careful consideration of the laws in each legalized state, Kurtz picked Oregon for its lax structure, low permit cost and extreme lack of market competition. To give some perspective on just how extreme, Oregon clocked in at only 20 registered acres while states such as Kentucky had more than 1,700 and Colorado had more than 3,600. 

Oregon Fusion produces honey products, olive oil, whole plant extracts and more using high end super critical CO2 extraction machines. Adam utilizes his tried and true farmers market approach to selling his products and regularly has booth space at the Happy Valley Farmers Market held annually from late April to the end of September in Clackamas.


Boring Hemp Company is a family farm, run by a trio of brothers and their father. Together, they’ve been farming at the Boring property since the early 80s. In 2015, when Oregon created legislation to support hemp producer licenses, the family decided to apply.

Boring Hemp Company’s second property, located only a few minutes away from the family’s multi-generational land, is found next to a school. One can almost envision teachers leading students out into the field to teach about our world’s most versatile plant.

Boring Hemp Company farms organically with inputs limited to dry amendments and clean well water from the property. The farm continually works to find the most efficient growing, harvesting and processing methods as well as to educate fellow farmers and provide seed for those looking to farm the plant.


Hemp Press was founded in 2013 by Matthew Glyer as modern day America’s first exclusively hemp based print company. This means Hemp Press does not print on any tree-based paper, but exclusively on processed hemp fiber paper. There are fewer than eight companies printing on hemp paper in the United States and Glyer’s company is the only one to do it exclusively.

Hemp Press provides businesses with packaging, flyers, posters, business cards and more, all with better pricing and turn-around while using only American manufacturing and paying living wages to Oregonians. The company employs eight individuals at its Eugene’s headquarters.

In addition to traditional promotional materials under Hemp Press, Glyer also prints business cards that double as a small sheet of joint tips under a brand called Crutch Card. Unknown to many, traditional inks are labeled hazardous by OSHA, which is why the company developed proprietary water based inks safe for use on the rolling paper tips. 

“At the core of my passion to empower industrial hemp for paper is the protection of our forests from the devastating impact of the global print and paper industry, which cuts down over 7.5 billion trees a year for paper alone,” Glyer said. “We hope to restore a regenerative, sustainable hemp economy to American soil and bring meaningful industrial, agricultural and manufacturing jobs to Oregon.”


American Hemp Seed Genetics was founded by Jerry Norton, a prominent individual in Oregon’s hemp scene for the last several years. He’s been farming hemp in Oregon since 2014 and played a substantial role in the passage of SB 1015, which allows hemp farmers to have material processed by Oregon Liquor Control Cannabis (OLCC) licensed extraction companies. He has also been the driving force behind the PDX Hempfest events in Portland.

Products crafted by American Hemp Seed Genetics include CBD and terpene infused vape cartridges, CBD honey sticks, whole plant extract and more. The farms we visited were located in the Silverton Hills area, though Norton has multiple farming operations across Northern Oregon.


OM Farms is the production arm of one of Oregon’s most elite processors, OM Extracts. Currently still an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) licensed processor, they are taking steps to get the operation OLCC licensed and expect be online in 2018. This family owned and operated farm is actively working on producing the first hemp crop and plans to extract the harvest for CBD oil.

OM Extracts processing facility is located in Southern Oregon, the epicenter of Oregon’s hemp, medical and recreational Cannabis farms. As processors, the OM Extracts team is focused on building relationships with farmers who share a similar passion for sustainable and responsible farming practices. 

Founder Blake Rogers said, “Hemp is a big part of the culture shift. As people learn about hemp CBD medicine, it changes their perception of what Cannabis can be. Hemp bridges the gap between mainstream culture and Cannabis culture.”


CBD Research Company boasts an impressive span of around 18,000 hemp plants on its substantial 10-acre property in Molalla. All the plants are from seed and a handful of different genetics are run, including Cannatonic from Oregon CBD Seeds, an Early Therapy cross also from Oregon CBD Seeds and an inhouse F1 Charlotte’s Web cross.

CBD Research Company practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for its hemp crops which prevents spraying harmful chemicals or pesticides to keep the plants clean and pest-free. The dedication to this practice is rigorous and extends the plant’s entire life cycle, including the vegetative stage.

The research includes the development of phytocannabinoid medicines, plant botany and tissue culture research. The team hopes to support hemp farmers with better resources and more readily available knowledge to cultivate healthy organic plants rich with medicinal benefits.

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