Heylo Pure CO2 ACDC Review

November 07, 2017 | WES ABNEY

From farm to table - or dab rig - this beautiful golden CO2 oil captures the essence of the ACDC plant in a strain-specific delicious and highly medicinal Cannabis concentrate. Photo by Daniel Berman.


heylo-pure-co2-score.jpgHeylo, formerly known as Mother Earth’s, delivers the purest essence of a Cannabis strain with untouched and raw CO2 oil that respects the terpene profile and Cannabinoids equally.

This commitment to a clean and nontoxic extraction method, free of ethanol or other hydrocarbons, delivers the purest and tastiest form of Cannabis available in the recreational market.

CO2 is also used for extracting hops and essential oils, and is prized for both the purity of extraction and the clean nature of the gas—CO2 has no harmful effects for humans, and kills 99 percent of all microbial growth in any sample, resulting in an ultrapure extraction of whatever the starting material is. With this ACDC Cannabis, the process at Heylo transforms a flavorful high CBD flower into a delicious and terpy oil.

Available in both a cartridge and dab applicator, we went straight for the applicator for a few low-temperature dabs. The beautiful amber colored oil has a medium viscosity, easy to pull a perfect dab off without being too thick or overly runny. As soon as the oil hits air the terpenes are released, with a floral and bright cherry citrus flavor filling the air, teasing the taste buds yearning for what’s to come.

Bright orange peel and citrus hit the palate first, with a cherry berry lemon peel exhale that tickles the frontal lobes and mellows the body while sharpening the mind in a relaxing clarity. This is a heightened chill strain, a way to wake up without being overly high, with all the benefits of CBD. This medicinal oil is perfect for any time or situation, from celebration to a heavy pain day, delivering both mental freedom and physical relief in a single dab or puff.


26.9% THC
42.7% CBD

Terpenes 6.6%
Caryophyllene 2.1%
Myrcene 3.8%
Humelene 0.7%
Instagram: HeyloCannabis

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