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Highly Likely: Andrew Sullivan

November 06, 2017 | PacerStacktrain

Highlighting amazing Cannabis pioneers who helped pave the way to greater herbal acceptance:


Andrew Sullivan is a political pundit. Which, in our modern times, means he’s an author, blogger and was once the editor of The New Republic. He’s been on almost every political talk show and news network in this country and beyond. Sullivan identifies as a conservative, with libertarian tendencies. He’s a major advocate for Cannabis legalization at the federal level, a stance that is unsurprisingly at odds with most of his fellow conservative peers.

The majority of Republicans do not favor Cannabis legalization, in fact many want our nation to head in the opposite direction. So why is Andrew Sullivan an advocate? His health.

Last month, Sullivan wrote an editorial published on New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer blog titled “Yes, I’m Dependent on Weed.” In the article, Sullivan credits Cannabis for ending his chronic insomnia and talks about how it has helped his appetite, which was affected by a cocktail of HIV medications.


He wrote that he can’t quit using Cannabis because it has been so helpful at curbing his condition’s symptoms.

Sullivan has consumed Cannabis daily since 2001 and has made the rounds as a keynote speaker at events such as the 2014 Cannabis Business Conference in Portland.

Like most pundits, Sullivan has ruffled feathers from time to time, and is no stranger to controversial topics. During his tenure as editor with The New Republic, the magazine generated several high profile controversies. Sullivan is a champion of LGBT rights, the environment and, of course, Cannabis. In 2010, Sullivan published “The Cannabis Closet. First Hand Accounts of The Marijuana Mainstream.”

His book contains a collection of testimonials about Cannabis use from main street America: responsible parents, straight-A students, corporate executives, unwinding suburbanites and people with health conditions. His book was published prior to any state’s recreational legalization and serves as a kind of prescient nod to Cannabis normalization, showcasing just how deeply acceptance for Cannabis truly runs in mainstream America.

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