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Highly Likely: Kevin Smith

September 04, 2017 | PacerStacktrain

The one-of-a-kind film director and iconic Silent Bob actor is not so quiet about how Cannabis helps his productivity.


Maverick filmmaker, actor, author and comic book writer Kevin Smith is best known for his hit movies Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl. He’s instantly recognizable as the iconic character Silent Bob that he played in many of his films.

Since so much of his work features characters who use Cannabis, it may surprise you to know that he didn’t start consuming the plant until 2009. Smith told MTV in 2011 that he credits Seth Rogen (whom he worked with on the film “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”) with being the person who made him into a “stoner.”

Smith said that he and Rogen smoked weed in the editing room while cutting the movie, and that it helped with creativity and getting “fear” out of the equation when it came to making creative decisions. In the interview, he credits Cannabis with aiding his productivity.

kevin-smith-thumb.jpgShortly after this interview, he told Thrillist that “I can count on one hand the amount of times I smoked weed from birth to age 38. At age 38, I worked with Seth Rogen. That changed everything. I was like, ‘this guy is a multi-tasker. He can do a zillion things at once and he is fucking blazed all the time. He gets along with everybody and he has got no stress in his life.’ The dude is just a zen pool of calm.”

Smith also talked about how Cannabis has been medicinally beneficial to him: “I don’t drink. Some people have booze. Some people have medications. I don’t have any of that shit, but weed allows me to get out of my own fucking head and out of my ass, and relate to people better.” Fortunately, that’s not where this story ends for Smith.

Like your friends here at Northwest Leaf, Smith is also on a mission to normalize Cannabis for the mainstream. “I am glad that I became a stoner late in life. Age 38. I was never a fucking stoner prior to age 38. Now, I am a fucking born-again stoner. Weed is not a ‘thing,’ really. It is not. Once Colorado and Washington were legal, everybody is like, ‘oh, it is not that big a deal.’ When I was a kid, it was like, ‘fucking just say no, and it’s evil, and, fucking, it will lead to crack cocaine,’ and shit.”

In 2013, shortly after early legalization in Colorado and Washington, Smith appeared on Canadian television in Toronto on a breakfast show touting his newest film “Yoga Hosers.”

The interviewer posed the question, “what’s the secret of how you get things done?”

With a straight face, and clear language Smith told the host, “well, I’m a huge stoner … but a productive one.” He noted that he even likes to wake and bake and regularly enjoys a “THC-managed day.”

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