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Highly Likely: Montel

October 05, 2017 | PacerStacktrain

The tv show host was well-known for inspiring guests to spill their secrets. and when it comes to using Cannabis as medicine, Williams isn't holding anything back.


Montel Williams became a household name in the 1990s as host of his self-titled show, but the author, activist and media personality’s life story is far more interesting than most.

Williams is a decorated veteran, having served in the Marine Corps and the Navy. He’s credited as being the first African American male to host a daytime talk show. With his television program, often called Montel, Williams began as a sort of tabloid-style host – but over time the program moved toward the positive spectrum of life and eschewed the controversial. By the time the program ended in 2008, it was more focused on uplifting messages of love and hope.

montel-quote.jpgWilliams was dealt a tough blow in 2000 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease, his doctor at the time told him, would cut his life in half. Williams started to search for answers, and after being prescribed an heavy cocktail of opioids , he finally encountered a physician who recommended Cannabis.

At this point, he does not smoke anymore, and instead uses concentrates.  He’s also opened his own dispensary, and more recently, started Lenitiv Labs – a concentrate company focused on purely medical applications for Cannabis in California.

“There have been times I’ve been so disappointed with the industry. People jump in, see it as the ‘green rush,’ and forget that 17 years ago people were dragged out of their homes with IVs in their arms, in their wheelchairs, for growing marijuana to treat awful symptoms of cancer,” Williams told Forbes this year. “As things have changed in the past five years, people have forgotten that there were patients left on the battlefield.”

Today, Williams is keeping the disease at bay with Cannabis. He’s already healthier than his doctor predicted years ago with his original diagnosis.

It’s important to remember that Montel Williams was an early adopter to Cannabis legalization, and he’s been doing so for more than 17 years. That puts him well ahead of many of the celebrities we’ve featured in this column. Without mainstream voices like his, we may have never seen state-level legalization in the United States.  And for that, we say a very hearty ‘thank you’ and ‘cheers’ to good health for Montel!

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