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Highly Likely: Whoopi Goldberg

July 07, 2016 | PacerStacktrain

Her latest opinion piece was written for The Cannabist, an ode to her vaporizer pen titled "My Vape Pen and I, a Love Story."


In our burgeoning, amazing age of Cannabis legalization in America, it’s easy to forget just how taboo it was to admit to being a consumer of this plant even a few short years ago. This column highlights a different amazing Cannabis pioneer from history that helped pave the way for Cannabis’ greater acceptance. 

The comedian and outspoken Cannabis advocate is not afraid to open up and go mainstream.

whoopi-goldberg-quote1.jpgWhile she may not be getting the big acting roles like she did in the ‘80s and ‘90s, there’s no denying the impact that Whoopi Goldberg has had on American culture. 

From “The Color Purple” to “Ghosts of Mississippi,” to “Jumpin Jack Flash” and “Sister Act,” Goldberg is one of those rare celebrities that can make us laugh, cry and think critically about the world around us — occasionally in the same film. As one of the longest-tenured hosts of “The View” she’s one of the most recognizable and trusted voices for mainstreaming Cannabis.

Goldberg’s relationship with Cannabis is a long one. She famously stated that she smoked Cannabis before accepting her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award (for the movie “Ghost”) in 1991. 

She’s admitted on countless occasions to having smoked herb on “The View” (not an easy task for someone talking to a daytime audience), and on the program she often serves as a progressive voice for tolerance and legalization.

Goldberg has stepped into the spotlight in more pronounced ways to talk about the herb’s many benefits as more and more states have legalized Cannabis,. 

Her latest op-ed was written for The Cannabist, an ode to her vaporizer pen titled “My Vape Pen and I, a Love Story.” In the article, she extols the virtues and discreet nature of vaporizing Cannabis oil, which helps Goldberg with some of her physical ailments.

“These glaucoma-induced headaches come on like freight trains — like, BOOM, my head starts hurting, my eyes start bugging, my whole body starts to tense up. But then I find her, and it relaxes everything and calms everything,” she wrote. 

“It helps my head stop hurting, and with glaucoma your eyes ache, and she takes the ache out. It’s wonderful.” 

Those who use Cannabis for its many medical benefits can certainly concur with that statement.

Goldberg has also put her money where her mouth is. She recently launched her own line of Cannabis-infused products that includes edibles, topical balms, oils and tinctures, all aimed at women’s health.

This is a new direction for the emerging legal Cannabis industry and some of the products that Goldberg is producing with her Whoopi & Maya company focus exclusively on women’s health issues.

“I am thrilled to partner with the amazing Maya Elisabeth to provide women an alternative for relieving the pain and discomfort associated with menstruation,” Goldberg said in a statement. 

“This was all inspired by my own experience from a lifetime of difficult periods and the fact that Cannabis was literally the only thing that gave me relief.”

Slowly but surely, public figures like Whoopi Goldberg are helping to end the stigma surrounding Cannabis as an illicit drug. With their help, we’re finally seeing years of prohibition start to wane and true acceptance begin.

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