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Inside This Month's Issues: August 2016

August 13, 2016 | WES ABNEY

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August 2016

wes-abney.jpgThis month’s issue features a set of opinions about changes affecting Oregon patients and recreational users. The first has to do with Oregon’s pivot on allowing out-of-state access to the OMMP, which had been allowed since 1998. Not anymore. But the state has chosen to allow out-of-state owners in the recreational industry. Long story short? If you live out of state, Oregon does not want to give you access to medicine. But if you live in Dubai, New York, or wherever else, feel free to buy in....

Not surprisingly, Oregon has put profits before patients, and it is disgusting. The only people benefiting from out-of-state money are out-of-state funders and locals who want to sell out, which is all good, but not when patients are denied access in the same legislation that allowed big money. The second opinion involves the fact that Oregon is recording information from every recreational pot purchase in a database that has nebulous uses.

The truth of the matter is that Oregon’s system is moving further and further away from helping patients, and that is really disappointing. Even more frustrating is the myriad medical dispensaries that have chosen to only pursue recreational ends, abandoning the system and patients that allowed their businesses to start. The same has happened in Washington, where dispensary owners in the recreational market shun patients and their needs while flaunting profits.

We need to remember where the industry comes from and those who need Cannabis for quality of life, not just those who want to get high. And then, once patient needs are met, let’s get everyone invited to the party and smoke one together.

~Wes Abney, Editor


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