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Inside This Month's Issues: February 2017

February 04, 2017 | WES ABNEY

Speak out! Tell your representatives you support HB 1092 for home grow.


February 2017

feb-2017-eds-letter-wes-copy.jpgIt may be cold outside, but the grow lights are keeping plants warm across the state right now! It’s hard to explain how beautiful a 70-degree indoor grow is in the middle of winter, with cola-heavy plants swaying lightly in the breeze. I wish the very best this winter for everyone pushing to get their gardens going for recreational or personal use! 

Our cover story this month revolves around a simple truth: We need to have the freedom to grow! Pot is still not truly legal, and it is a matter of absolute hypocrisy that citizens can go to jail for a single plant while millionaires make piles of cash selling and growing the same plant. 

The time for change is now! Please read the story and call your legislator and tell them to support home grow!

This issue features an awesome Strain of the Month grown by Clandestine Gardens, plus reviews of two of the nicest recreational pot stores in the state: Vela in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood and Paper & Leaf over on Bainbridge Island. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Larry Twersky, CEO of TimerCaps, a company that is pushing for new opiate packaging and labeling requirements and awareness, as well as their product that helps patients track their dosing. 

Dr. Rose reminds us of the importance of dressing for the weather and how to stay warm this winter, while Dr. Scanderson shares the second half of his guide to Seeds vs. Clones. I especially like the fun piece from Simone Fischer on planning out an epic Cannabis date night, something we definitely recommend for this Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone gets to enjoy a bit of green this V-day, because single or not, Mary Jane always gives love. Thanks for reading!

~Wes Abney, Editor


Behind The Strain: LA Confidential

Growtech: Sow A Seed Or Plant A Clone? [Part 2]

Profile: Deschutes Growery

Feature: ​Date Night: Staying Home With Cannabis

Health & Science: Surviving The Cold: Dressing For Your Health

Book Review: Three A Light By Joshua Haupt

Review: Kung Fu Vapes

Recipes: Peppermint Hot Chocolate & More

Profiles: Meet Larry Twerksy, CEO of TimerCap

Feature: Kush Marketplace: The Craigslist of Cannabis?

Opinion: Progress Together or Dissolve Apart

Dispensary Review: Paper & Leaf

Dispensary Review: Vela

Feature: How D.A.R.E. And The Cannabis Industry Could Work Together

​Feature: Let Our People Grow

Highly Likely: Seth MacFarlane Speaks Out For Cannabis

Profile: Caleb Saunders, CEO of Green Jar

Profile: Bryant Thorp, Owner of Arctic Herbery

Strains of the Month: February 2017

News: Portland Allows Cannabis Couriers

News: Washington's Biggest Marijuana Retail Chains For Sale

Dispensary Review: Amazon Organics

Dispensary Review: Dr. Jolly's

Review: Clown Shoes OG BHO

Tasty: Apple Pie Ginger Chews

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